The Transformational Truth of Tarot

NYE Sessions – Reflect & Reset 23/24.

Join us at midday UK on NYE and NYD for a transformative tarot experience where we’ll clear away the debris of 2023, brew magical intentions, and explore the potential 2024 holds for you.

What You’ll Get:

Two Transformational Truth of Tarot classes that show you how to>

Class One: NYE Midday UK:

  • Be at peace with 2023. Discover the perception shift that will heal misunderstandings.
  • Self-Realisation: Empower yourself to take control and shed light through self-awareness.
  • Universal Validation:  Recognition from the universe of what you went through in 2023 becomes a source of strength, guiding you towards healing and self-compassion.

Class Two: NYD Midday UK:

  • Channel the Universe: align with your divine plan for 2024.
  • Craft Your Tarot Vision Board: A visual representation of your aspirations month by month.
  • Clarity for the New Year: Gain a clear understanding of  the best way for you to start 2024.
  • Alignment Check: Assess whether your plans align with the universe’s intentions.
  • Adjustments and Guidance: Discover what to do if your alignment shows up as being off
  • Unblocked Manifesting. Re-align to the divine and shift manifestation blocks

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