Honour Your Still Voice Within

A 10-day live activation to help you connect to the wisdom of your intuition.

Based on the structure of the Cups in the Tarot!

A 10-day emotional detox program to help you connect to the wisdom of your intuition.
Based on the Cups in the Tarot.

In just 10 days, we will flush out the toxic beliefs, behaviours, and inner self-criticism that’s built up from the past and slows you down to make space for better habits and emotions, and relations to yourself, others, and the universe, all within 10 days. 

You will let go of any past commitments or relationships that are feeling stagnant and lack power and leave space for something new to emerge. Trust that only good will come out of this self-reflection, and allow yourself the space to create the life you want.

I will guide you through your internal world on a journey through the cups in the tarot. We’ll go deep into each of them as you encounter each one, taking you on a magical ride where you will deepen your psychic abilities, get rid of old energies, and experience excitement, fear, joy, surprise, sadness and eventually, it will lead you to an amazing life!

You've heard about Tarot. You've heard about the cups, but have you ever REALLY experienced them, not read them, but JOURNEYED with them?

When you do, you’ll watch how your wishes and dreams come true by fulfilling your divine purpose and manifesting what you want in life. All of this while meeting new friends along the way.

Because when you journey through Tarot with others, you see through a thousand eyes.

There is a powerful opportunity to experience an emotional clearing and inner transformation during this release. How do you want to feel?

It’s 10-days of personal, soulful work. Each day begins with an activation, progresses through the tarot and ends with a transformation By the time you complete it, you’ll feel like a new person.

The 10 cups and days provide an opportunity for a progressive emotional release and fast so that you can catalyse your deepest dreams into reality. It’s up to you whether you use this to your advantage or not; the choice is yours!

Each day you will journey deeper into the world of the cups through a daily activation that will help you tune into your intuition to break through obstacles that have felt immovable with ease.

No more denying your inner voice of wisdom. It will get louder each day until you can do nothing but live in total alignment with it each and every day.

Honour your still voice within is a deep emotional cleanse, clearing out any old stagnant energies and emotions clogging up your channel, so you can become free of the past and the master or mistress of your own feeling state instead of being a victim feeling in a state.

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