Okay, so I titled the blog for the Pisces New Moon two weeks ago ‘A Brand New Start’

– and as that was the third New Moon in a row at 1 degree, this brand new start has been in the making since the clock struck 2023. 

However, there is no mistaking that 2023 means business and it’s just getting warmed up.

Big brand-new starts take time, and the spring clean we are going through is no surface clean. 

The Virgo Full Moon opposes the Piscean Sun, marking the turning tide of giving power away. Now, that statement (in true Piscean polarity) is not what it seems!… 

Being the Hanged Man in the Tarot, Pisces reclaims its power by knowing it has no control. So if you’ve been on your knees with bated breath, the Full Moon in Virgo cuts the cord to release you. 

You may get what you were waiting for as it does, but if you don’t, you will feel removed enough from the situation to find it elsewhere. 

And, the Full Moon is not the only reason why. 

Saturn also moves into Pisces within the hour of this Full Moon, where it will transit the house of ending karmic cycles until February 14, 2026.

Saturn in Pisces dissolves things. The Tarot card of this placement is The Eight of Cups, which plays the song ‘I’m walking away’.

When the Moon is full in Virgo,  it activates the mantra “my home and body is my temple’ –


In the Tarot, Virgo is The Hermit and he needs a clean cave for a sacred space, so the urge to cleanse is nigh, and with this Full Moon trine Uranus (The Fool/child of the Tarot) the Piscean waters break, and rebirth comes gushing through. 

The Hermit is the old Fool, the closing of a cycle, and with The Fool being the new, breaking old habits and making fresh new starts feels easy and natural, as the old life gives way to the new and once again this isn’t the only reason why:

Mars is also ending its Retrograde shadow period in Gemini shadow, so the Tarot card for that – The Nine of Swords/despair is finally losing its power. 

March is always a strong crossover point from old to new life. However, this year it is supercharged. So swallow your pride, let go of your ego, take responsibility, and you’ll be amazed at where you find yourself.

If you want to know which area of your life will be affected by this cosmic event, check out your astrological chart to see where 16 degrees of Virgo falls. 

For instance, this Moon is exact my Mercury in Virgo – a potent place for Mercury, but it also forms a T-square with Mars and Neptune, which is very ‘Hanged Man’. Still, I/we can expect some magic with this Moon; whatever it may bring, though, remains to be seen.

Stay tuned for the Aries New Moon on the equinox!

In the meantime, here are three ways to help yourself stay out of any potential Piscean fogginess, Virgoan criticism, or Piscean/Virgoan martyrdom:

  1. Read The Power of Now.
  2. Recite The Serenity Prayer. 
  3. Join us for The Virgo Full Moon AstroTarotDance/Pray/Heal:

On Monday at 7:30 inside The Manifest a Miracle a Month Open Circle here. 

Wishing you a wonder-FULL Moon

Love, Tiff