Welcome to your new life. 

The divine spark of Aries has gone through the big bang of the chaos of eclipse and mercury retrograde season and is now being planted deep in the rich fertile earth of Taurus. 

During eclipse season and Mercury retrograde, we are told to hold off from setting intentions and making plans. The energies are just too strong and transformative. 

But now, the universe is waving a green flag to a bull. A green flag is different to a red one. 

My husband – who has Taurus Moon and ascendant, often describes me as a ‘bull in a vagina shop’ – he will not be happy I published this 🙂 Even though I have a Taurus ascendant, too, the rest of my chart makes me extremely excited when the divine spark is passed to me! 

Whereas his Taurus moon makes him more Empress-like – he is the mother (he brought up his child alone), the farmer, the feeder, the builder, the green finger – and he moves much slower than me. 

He is a plant. He needs to be rooted in one place. 

If you constantly watch it, you can get frustrated because nothing seems to be happening, but that isn’t the case. So you have to give it a lot of nurture and nature and provide the space for it to grow, and then when that divine spark ignites, stand back in awe as to how it flourishes. 

Nature knows what it is doing. It reclaims and rebalances. 

Chances are, this side of the eclipse season (which began on 19th April), your life looks very different – especially if you have a Taurus ascendent, Moon or Sun. 

In my family, we all have strong Taurus and the above statement could never be truer. Not that it’s time to publicise why – yet. 

Nevertheless, you have Taurus somewhere, you have Pluto somewhere, you have Jupiter somewhere, and you have Mercury somewhere. Wherever they are in your chart will be going through some massive shift right now, as both Pluto and Jupiter (in Taurus) will be at 0 degrees this new Moon.

Life is changing, and it’s time to change with it. 

As for Mercury, it went direct on the 15th – there’s your green flag, oh, and here’s how that is different:

The red flag to Taurus is more like me – that rush in and cause chaos, but shit things happen! 

The green flag to Taurus is where the bull is much happier – Taurus is the green-fingered goddess, The Empress in the Tarot (and The High Priest) rooted in graceful grounded nurture. 

As I also said earlier, we are told not to intend or manifest during eclipse or mercury retrograde season – things are then happening TO us, and we need to see how the land lies before we do anything with it. 

Well, here is the land. 

And it’s likely to be much bigger and better than your little tiny mind could have ever believed – due to Jupiter (the expander) moving into Taurus.

This Moon is the most potent SUPER MANIFESTER MOON of the year, so make sure your head isn’t stuck in yesteryear!

It’s time to get with the new life on offer and offer up thanksgiving for your wildest dreams coming true. 

To help you feel the strength and power of the above, why not join us on Friday at 7:30 pm UK for the Taurus New Moon AstroTarotDance/Pray/Heal – and switch on some super manifesting power?! 

You can join us in my Manifest a Miracle a Month open circle here. 


Tiff x