Have you ever been intrigued by the mystical world of tarot cards but found yourself held back by fear? 

Perhaps you’ve been hesitant to dive into tarot readings because of the negative associations and preconceived notions that surround them. Fear not! It’s time to replace that fear with ‘feely’ and embrace the transformative power of tarot!

I’ve been on a journey with Tarot since I was four, exploring the depths and uncovering its true essence. Lately, I have been sharing a daily “Tarotfeely” across my channels, and the response has captivated people  – especially when they realised that I received the message before even laying eyes on the card.

The problem with tarot reading often lies in relying too much on our physical senses. 

We judge what we see, and this judgment can trigger a whirlwind of emotions and uncertainties. Just mentioning cards like The Devil, Death, or The Tower can send shivers down our spines and thoughts of impending doom.

So how can one read tarot without getting hung up on the ominous imagery or paralysed by fear of what the cards might reveal? 

More importantly, how can we read tarot in a way that liberates us from our lower selves and connects us with our higher selves, our clairvoyance, audience, and sentience faster than we can cleanse our crystals?

Introducing the TarotFeely method — a transformative approach to tarot reading that will revolutionise how you connect with the cards and receive their messages. 

Here’s how it works:

1. Shuffle your tarot cards, allowing your energy to infuse with them.

2. Without looking at the card, select one and place it between your hands in a prayer position.

3. Let go of the need to know the card’s identity or interpret it correctly.

4. Focus your attention on the card nestled between your hands.

5. Feel the energy flowing between you and the card, embracing its presence.

6. Tune in to any shifting feelings, whether mental, emotional, or physical.

7. Pay attention to any colours, objects, or visions that come to you. 

8. If you see a card in your mind’s eye, don’t force it to be the one between your hands—instead, absorb the message it carries.

9. Now, the crucial step: send your thoughts out to the universe and ask, “What is the message of this card for me today?”

10. Sit quietly and observe any words, thoughts, songs, or increased visions and sensations.

11. Breathe in the new vibration and release any lingering energy from the past. 

12. Express gratitude to your guides.

Open your eyes and turn over the card.

Ah, the moment of truth as we shift from using our third eye to our regular vision. When you see the card, it’s natural to begin judging it and even yourself. You might experience a range of reactions, from excitement at picking up the actual card to disappointment if it seems to contradict your expectations.

But here’s the secret — it’s not about the card itself; it’s about the MESSAGE it brings. 

Sometimes, you’ll find you picked up on the colours and shapes on the card, as if they imprinted on your palms serving as a confirmation that you’re attuned to its energy. Other times, you may receive a message opposite to the card’s traditional meaning — which is just as fascinating…

Consider the ‘Antidote.’ 

When you receive an opposite message, it signifies that you’ve tapped into your higher self, which is providing you with a solution or alternative perspective. For example, imagine encountering The Five of Pentacles, typically associated with financial struggles. Yet, during a Tarotfeely session, you will likely receive messages about recognising your self-worth — a far more empowering interpretation than the image of two beggars might suggest.

But Tarotfeely doesn’t stop there. 

It offers you so much more. As you attune to your feelings, you activate your clairsentience — the ability to perceive through emotions. By tuning into your visions, you awaken your clairvoyance, unlocking the power of inner sight. When you seek a message, you activate your clairaudience, forging a connection with your guides. And when you breathe in the message, you free yourself from your lower self and resonate with your higher self, accessing channels of healing and enlightenment — all at a pace quicker than indulging in a bowl of hemp porridge (though perhaps that’s a bit slower than devouring a pot of berry compote).

Contrary to popular belief.

Connecting with your guides and innate wisdom doesn’t have to be a lengthy or cumbersome process. It can be as swift as brushing your teeth, with one exception…

When you receive a message that instils fear or focuses on predicting events or other individuals. 

If that occurs, it’s a sign to spend more time with the card between your hands, diving deeper into the feelings it evokes and inviting only the guidance of your highest possible sources.

I invite you to witness the Tarotfeely method in action by watching a demonstration in this video:

This video contains an outdated offer, but it is an excellent resource for learning how to work with tarot intuitively rather than relying solely on external influences.

Engaging with Tarotfeely can have unexpected side effects

Such as a greater sense of self-awareness, enhanced intuition, and a deeper connection with the mystical forces surrounding us. 

So, if you’re ready to banish your fears and embark on a journey of self-discovery through tarot, access my mini-course on activating your intuition to learn more.

Remember, it’s time to replace fear with ‘feely’ and unlock the profound wisdom and guidance that tarot offers. Trust yourself, embrace your intuition, and let the transformative power of Tarotfeely guide you on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

💗 Love, Tiff x