After the dramatic Taurus Lunar Eclipse that halted our lives in October, the Scorpio New Moon is here to kickstart a fresh chapter of change. It’s like the universe is guiding us on a thrilling, mysterious adventure led by the enigmatic Scorpio. Get ready for a fascinating ride, even if it means confronting your fears; it’s all worth it!

Eclipses are like cosmic awakenings, shaking things up and leading us toward change. The Taurus Lunar Eclipse marked the end of a cycle that started in November 2021. As we wrap up this cosmic story, we need time to understand and accept what’s happened.

Remember, even when it doesn’t make sense initially, eclipses show us the way forward. So, be patient and kind to yourself during this shift.

The Scorpio New Moon is like a secret ceremony.

Happening at 20 degrees and 44 minutes of Scorpio. It’s getting cosy with Mars and challenging Uranus, giving it a strong drive for change with a touch of rebellion.

In the world of Scorpio, it’s all about closeness, power, money, and sharing. This lunar event opens doors to fresh starts in these areas. Scorpio, the Scorpion, is known for being passionate, resourceful, and perceptive. It encourages us to become masters of our own lives, shedding old habits, emotional baggage, and financial burdens.

The Scorpio New Moon also urges us to find what’s missing in our lives, the stuff that’s causing us trouble. It’s a chance to let go of the things that weigh us down, whether they’re physical or emotional. Scorpio’s lesson is to dive deep into life’s mysteries, understand people’s true motives, and value quality over quantity in relationships and projects.

Embrace Scorpio’s Transformative Power.

Scorpio’s intense nature inspires determination to chase our dreams and overcome long-standing challenges. It empowers us to take control and be bolder in our pursuits. We become more dedicated to our passions and resilient when things get tough.

Scorpio also has a thing for shared resources and other people’s money. So, this lunar phase is perfect for joint projects, business partnerships, and investments. It makes us think about the legacy we want to leave behind.

Scorpio isn’t afraid of exploring life’s darker side. It encourages us to be curious about the taboo and understand subjects that might seem disturbing. Instead of running away from them, we can dive in and learn more.

Trust Your Intuition.

With Scorpio’s influence, we’re encouraged to trust our gut feelings and dig deep into life’s mysteries. Scorpio’s energy helps us uncover hidden truths and understand what drives people. This enriches our intuition and makes us better at building close connections with others.

Mars and Uranus: Acting with Intuition, Not Fear.

The connection with Mars gives the Scorpio New Moon a burst of energy and a strong desire to follow our dreams. Mars connects us to Scorpio’s power, inspiring us to take charge of our lives.

But the challenge with Uranus can make things unpredictable and make us impatient. It reminds us to go with the flow and make small changes over time. That’s how we can transform our relationships, whether they’re about love, money, or intimacy.

Amidst the urgency of intuition guiding our actions, we must remain vigilant. Like the sting of a scorpion, Scorpio can bring about a backlash if we act from fear rather than intuition. This lunar phase prompts us to question our motives: Are we acting out of a deep, intuitive understanding, or are we driven by fear and uncertainty? To discern our true path, we must ask, not “Is this intuition?” but 

“What would self-worth do?”

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