This Friday, 5th May, sees a deep, magical, and mysterious penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio.

A penumbral eclipse ‘dampens’ the effect of an eclipse – usually. And as the Moon in Scorpio is a ‘fallen’ aspect, you might think this eclipse is subtle. However, a lot is going on under the surface.

A profound, personal transformation has been going on for some time.

This eclipse illuminates a crossing point. A time to navigate the balance between all that is mine (Taurus) and all that is y/ours (Scorpio)

Something of an intimate nature is building up inside, and now we need to strike the right balance of not being a ‘shit arse’ or ‘tight arse’, as Dr Pia Mellody politely puts it.

In other words, we need to find the right balance between not shutting others out and not blasting them with our s***.

So, how do you stay open and authentic – with healthy boundaries? 

The Four of Pentacles from the Mystical Moments Tarot pictures it so perfectly. She transparently shows what is happening inside her and keeps it in her own space.

And yet, this eclipse moves us on into The Five of Pentacles (actually, that happened the day after the last eclipse a fortnight ago, when Mercury went retrograde in Taurus – the astrological placement of Mercury in Taurus is The Five of Pentacles).

So now is the final release of the old life, to rebirth through to the new – and with the transformational sign of Scorpio eclipsing the powerful past point of the south node, this is some serious shedding.

Three other signs that this Scorpio Lunar Eclipse moves us on to The Five of Pentacles are:

  1. This eclipse occurs on the 5th day of the 5th month
  2. The Moon eclipses at 14 degrees of Scorpio. 1+4 is 5 in numerology.
  3. The Sun (in Taurus) is at 14 degrees.

Scorpio and Taurus bring up deep-seated security fears (Scorpio-emotional/Taurus-material). As does The Five of Pentacles – which, on a 2 or even 3D level, is often seen as a change of financial security – and not for the better.

Yet, The Five of Pentacles is much more than first meets the eye. 

*The Five of Pentacles from the Tarot of The Illuminati.

The number five may represent change, but it’s also the fifth element of spirit. Deeper riches emerge during tough times. These Times are when you find the true value of ‘things’ or ‘ways’ of being in the world.

The traditional Five of Pentacles card represents finding a spiritual light or path to follow that will lead you through and represents faith and grace. It doesn’t mean faith will land in your lap.

Instead, it’s the practice and commitment to do things differently this time – it’s the building blocks of maturity, losing youth and becoming truly, madly, deeply beautiful – from deep within.

Still, faith and grace also mean to bestow kindness and compassion, so be kind and compassionate with yourself when you have the inevitable slip-ups along the way. Pick yourself up again, dust yourself off, and carry on – with a healthy dose of humility.

And let’s remember that humility means to think of yourself less, not think less of yourself.

It’s a time to get number crunching and take a divine dose of responsibility and humility, remembering how much communication is being illuminated.

Taurus rules the throat, and Mercury (the planet of communication) is retrograde, during this eclipse in Scorpio (the mute sign). We absolutely must think before we speak, but we must speak too.

Think of what is y/ours less, let go of the past, be prepared to shed, find common ground and get the balance between being transparently authentic and owning your shit, and you’ve got this. 

Would you like some help with doing the above?

The Scorpio eclipse occurs at 6:22 pm UK on Friday 5th May – lasting 4 minutes but setting precedence for six months with the Scorpio Moon full at 6:34 pm.

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Tiff x