Have you recently noticed a shift in your perception?

You may have become acutely aware of what was once satisfactory but now feels lacking. 

The first full Moon since the eclipse season excels in the archer of the zodiac (Sagittarius) in the early hours of 4th June, so as you awaken on Sunday morning, your vision expands with all the possibilities of a whole new life before you, as this Full Moon calls for a reconsideration of how you may be living. 

Your desire for learning, seeking new adventures, and embracing a more purposeful way of living, the flame within is lit and burning strong, filling you with a burning passion for more, an unquenchable thirst for the best, and a longing for ideas that expand upon the present moment. 

During the Sagittarius full moon, the Gemini-Sagittarius polarity represents a mental axis.

Gemini symbolises the “human mind,” while Sagittarius embodies the “higher self mind.”

The Gemini Sun says: ‘think logically and laterally,” while the Sagittarius Moon says, “Go with the flow, intuit, and innovate.”

Although Gemini, like Sagittarius, is adaptable, it tends to find comfort in it’s immediate surroundings, while Sagittarius compels us to break free and venture down the road less travelled. 

Neglecting either end of this axis would lead to undesired consequences, emphasising the importance of finding a harmonious balance between the two energies—a balance that the Full Moon invites us to explore.

This Full Moon is a powerful invitation to adopt the attitude of gratitude, wonder, and adventure. 

Something has been building up within us, and now is the time for the cosmos to release it. 

As the Moon shines brightly in the night sky, it symbolically illuminates our own lives. However, these newfound feelings and revelations are emotions bursting into our consciousness. 

So, whilst it’s time to express ourselves fully and release what has been stirring within, it’s wise to exercise caution, as these emotions are fresh, unrefined, and not yet entirely rational.

It’s an opportune moment to delve deep within and figure out your being. 

In Tarot, Temperance is the Major Arcana card associated with Sagittarius. 

Its presence in this Full Moon signifies a guide from one chapter of life to another as you become aware of being released from an old way of life. 

A chapter has ended. You have been set free.

As we embrace its energy, we may find the events and tensions of the eclipse season gradually subsiding, as this Full Moon offers us the perfect balance and stability to settle into the rhythm of our lives while still allowing room for play, adventure, and fun.

Temperance, portrayed as a non-binary angel, encourages us to think beyond conventional boundaries, strip off the labels that confine us, and embrace a lighter, brighter, and better world. 

A lot is going on, but we must find a way to unwind and allow ourselves to play to unlock the door to this new realm.

Trust in the Divine plan and the support of the surrounding spiritual forces. You may now have a stronger sense of your guides guiding you. It’s one thing to read about this, but feeling it is an entirely different experience. 

Trust the universe. Leave it to the Divine plan. 

Divine spiritual forces surround and support us, and the more you manage to loosen up, unwind and play, the stronger your sense of your guides will be. 

It’s one thing to read about this, but it’s another thing entirely to feel this. Aligning with this state can come through meditation, time in nature, a soulful yoga class, a restorative bath, or an AstroTarotDance. 

Happening inside my membership Saturday at 7:30 UK, the cosmic dance begins with the first full Moon since the eclipse season, taking centre stage in the adventurous sign of Sagittarius.

Are you ready to embrace the cosmic energies and dance with the stars? Join us for an exhilarating experience of self-discovery and spiritual alignment. Let the power of astrology, tarot, and dance guide you on a transformative journey.


Tiff x