As usual, when I sit down to write a blog about the upcoming Moon. I search online, read a bit, maybe even venture into ChatGPT briefly, and then decide nothing is better than sitting and reflecting. After all, that’s what the Moon does, right? Sit in the sky, reflecting.

Internal Landscape Shift

My reflection takes me back to a week ago. I was in the same environment I am now (my bed); however, this week, the internal landscape feels quite different.

Angel’s Message Amid Challenges

Last week, I woke to look at this: A card a ‘frient’ (friend/client) had sent me to wish me well for my recovery from my recent Hip replacement (hence being in bed). The location on the card is special. St Michael’s Mount links so much for me, including Temperance in the Tarot and my ‘late’ daughter (why do we say ‘late’? She was EXACTLY on time). Both of which are angels of some description.

Mercury Retrograde and Unexpected Challenges

I received it at the same time as my third parking warning. And the story behind that is quite, shall we say – ‘Mercury Retrogradey’- even though this all began BEFORE Mercury went retrograde.

However, Mercury was in shadow.

You can think of the shadow period like a trailer at a cinema.  

You are in the seat, looking at the right screen. In the trailers, you might find something that catches your eye, a theme, or a story you want to learn more about, and you will get the chance soon when the film (Mercury) is released (goes retrograde).

Assumptions and Permits!

It goes something like this – Assumptions and Permits! 

The council are making sure I paid for a front-row seat – outside my own house. Yup, the dreaded introduction of a residential parking permit. 

Try as I might to conform, I could not. Why? Because the council broke…

Don Miguel Ruiz’s Third Agreement! – Don’t Make Assumptions!

When I finally managed to have electronic communication with a human, they told me no permits had been allocated to us because we have a garage and a driveway – the thing is, it’s visibly apparent neither is usable! 

Their answer? We can’t measure it because it’s private property!

My answer? ‘Fair enough, but I don’t understand why the council, in their letter, did not say – if you have a garage or driveway, we won’t issue you a permit, so please contact us if you need one’! 

Their answer? None. For over a fortnight. 

Despite my emailing each of the three times, I got warnings. The first was when I arrived home from the hospital, the second on my birthday, and the third on our anniversary!

A Turn of Events 

Now, back to last week, I woke up to this card, angel, and another warning ticket. Straight after, I opened my email to find a reply saying I could now buy a permit to park outside my house – woohoo! 

And straight after that, I heard a ping! As a FB message wooshed in from Aishling Mooney – note ‘Mooney’ – Money/Moon/ etc… 

‘Tiff, I know you are recovering, so I understand if the answer is no, but there’s another angel cafe happening from 28th -30th August, and I wondered if you wanted to speak?’

Juggling Commitments and Embracing Opportunities

Now, I love the Angel Cafe; the people it attracts are worth their weight in gold angel wings, but if there was ever a time I thought the answer would be no, it’s now. 

I’ve just swapped my second rotten hip for a titanium one, my circles, memberships, and doing anything live for a full-time activist job, my business now not even a side hustle, but a whisper I lightly have alongside me. 

But much to my surprise, as I sat and reflected (for 30 seconds), I concluded that the angels wanted something in return for watching over me this Blue (Blue means the second full moon in a month) Super Moon in Pisces.

Embracing the Big Blue Piscean Super Moon

And so finally, we reach the main topic of this blog – the second Super Moon of the month, yes August, started with a Super Moon on August 1st (Lammas or ‘Loafmass’) and ends with another. And yes, it’s blue (which only really, rather anti-climactically means the second full moon in a month).  

August has been a ‘Super Moon Sandwich’ full of a cosmic and environmental weird weather slaw. Even so, overall, at least for me, it’s been miles better than July was – there’s been big expected things and big unexpected things – both have been life-changing (for the better). 

Although, weirdly, it all still feels like something heavy is hanging in the air. Something has been waiting to break all year – Are you with me? The seasons feel late and out of whack, but even so, I think the angels (or whatever you want to call them) are watching over us, and nothing is ‘LATE’. Everything is EXACTLY on time, even when all feels murky. 

The Rising Spiritual Presence

With Pisces, we reach a moon of evolution, transcendence freedom from all that came before. It is the moon to dissolve all divisions (sounds so good, doesn’t it?). I wonder if this is it, but rather cynically, I expect not!

This murkiness, I feel, is in for the long haul this year. However, even so, the power of the spiritual is undoubtedly rising. Its presence grows stronger each day that something is looming in the air.

Synchronicity and Numbers

For instance, have you seen a comeback in synchronicity and double and triple numbers in the last month or so? Mine began with 1:11 or 11:11. (I write about these numbers and their relation to St Michael’s Mount in my second book, The Transformational Truth of YOU! Funnily enough!) 

I skipped 222, got stuck on the 3s (been there six weeks now – waking up at 3:00, 3:03, or 3:33), and now the 4s have begun. For me, it makes sense – I started a new job six weeks ago – that’s the 1’s – which let me know it’s a new start on the part of my spiritual path, and this was the assurance I needed, as it’s been bumpy (no even keel of 2 present). Full of growth (the 3’s), and now I am starting to settle (the stability of 4). Again, no blog needed to tell me that; just sitting and reflecting.

The Spiritual Call During SuperMoon

A SuperMoon in Pisces is a major Moon of spirituality. Along with Mercury Retrograde, the heavens ask you to go within to find your answers. Reflect, and you shall find:  

The universe is talking to you through an uptake in dreams and synchronicity, but you can’t Google the universe, even if Google begins with ‘G’ and acts like the great god in the ‘Cloud’. There are some answers Google cannot reach – the ones within you. Try journalling instead – there, you will find you have the answer within. 

The answer to how ready, willing and able you are to let go honestly and how many things/people/places you can let go of. You will know when you have because it will return in a much lighter form. 

Things aren’t quite what they seem, but they can have pleasant consequences you couldn’t dream of!

Upcoming Events

This is what has happened to me in this Super Moon Sandwich, and so, here we go again!  

This week, catch me and 44 Spiritual Crusaders for free in Aishling Mooney’s Angel Cafe. The theme?

‘Spiritual Millions”. 

I am on Monday at 2 pm UK – with Unlocking Spiritual Millions: Transformative Tarot, 3 Initials, and the Final Revelation! I will be blending two of my most potent exercises (one involves Tarot, the other doesn’t) and add a missing ingredient to supercharge the spiritual concoction to spark off those synchros and fling open the doorway to those spiritual millions – aka the new life waiting on the other side for you. 

You can join us here, for what promises to be an uber-powerful build-up to the supermoon!

The whole event is LIVE in the private Facebook Group The Angel Café, you can interact and ask questions with me and all of the spiritual entrepreneurs sharing their wisdom over these amazing days.

To join now, click here.


AND the AstroTarotDance/PrayHeal is back! This SuperMoon! And this time, in true Pisces style, it’s dissolved all boundaries!

It is no longer only available inside my membership. ATD is now transcended and is open to anyone who wants to join but live only – no replay! Make it at 7:30 pm UK on Wednesday, or not at all! 

Just like this SuperMoon, there will be others – once in a blue moon, and only ever something to savour in the moment if you wish to join us; all you have to do is click the link below to join the Zoom at 7:30 pm UK on Wednesday – so why not save it in your calendar now? 

Rest assured, you won’t be beholden to have your camera on – or even dance if you don’t want to – even if no one is watching. 

It’s a call to prayer, a space to heal, a journey through Astrology and Tarot – and hard to explain! 

So why tune in and discover for yourself this Wednesday at 7:30 pm UK? It’s free, and you will feel freer for having ringmarked this time to tune into you. I promise! 

Sacred space to dance/pray/heal and the best headphones you have are highly recommended to help you have the most profound experience possible. Below are the details for your calendar:

Meeting ID: 856 9740 9382

Passcode: 956417

Wishing you a ‘Wonder-Full, Super Moon’! I am looking forward to magically connecting with you somewhere along the build-up!

💗 Love, Tiff x