The moon ups its magic for the next three moons, starting this week, when the Full Moon in Libra activates a healing awakening with the Sun, Jupiter and Chiron. 

On the 20th, somewhat amazingly, we have the second New Moon in Aries in a month. It also marks the beginning of eclipse season, which ends with an eclipse in Scorpio on May 5th. 

The planetary Gods mean business with their game plan. We feel uber busy and so are they, aligning, realigning and shifting our lives; how is yet to be known, but it’s happening, even if we can’t see it.

Do you feel it though? The chaos?

Perhaps we are already feeling Mercury, the trickster of the mind, tech, travel and communications, getting ready to shake things up as it goes into shadow on the 7th and retrograde on the 21st. 

Mix that in with this Full Moon illuminating the Aries/Libra push-me-pull-you axis of independence and sheer willpower against balance, fairness and grace, and it’s all amazingly stupendous.

Aries turns the heat up in the kitchen to blazing.

Libra is determined to keep the lid on all the pots and pans boiling over.

Fast, chaotic, driven, and relentless. Aries is a Duracell battery, demanding more of us to work for longer and more intense periods. The hot-headed Ram is a power-hungry taskmaster that pushes its agenda for instant change.

Libra, however, plays the long game, valuing balance, and fairness and considering the needs of others along the way. 

Where Aries finds it hard to see others’ points of view, Libra overcompensates and decides it has others’ best interests at heart (without asking because they want to avoid confrontation). So, when they are both out of balance, the result is just as arrogant as each other. 

Aries values saying it how it is, doesn’t waste time dressing things up and values getting things done as fast as possible (The Emperor in the Tarot).


Libra (Justice) loses sight of truth, authenticity and vulnerability.

Its efforts to not hurt others make things super complex and convoluted, compounding hurt with frustrating confusion. Something to be extra mindful of with Chiron (the wounded healer) so active under this Full moon.

Yes, the Aries Sun is aligning with Chiron (our karmic wound) and Jupiter (expansion) under this moon – The truth may hurt, but can it set you free?

One way or another. 

Libra in Greek mythology is the Goddess Athena, who split Zeus’ (Aries) head open with an axe to give birth to herself. 

In Egyptian mythology, she is Maat. 

The Goddess that weighs your heart against a feather to see if it is light enough to get into the kingdom of heaven – now that doesn’t seem very fair!

However, if you can tiptoe along the knife edge, balancing authenticity and vulnerability with will and grace, you’ll come out of this passage stronger and wiser.

And so, two sayings come to mind this Libra Full Moon:

‘Every decision you make is a choice between a grievance and a miracle. Drop the grievance, choose the miracle – Deepak Chopra.’ 


‘God grant me the courage to change the things I can (Aries)

The serenity to accept the things I can’t (Libra)

The wisdom to know the difference (Sun).’


If you feel the heat rising in said Aries kitchen (making Gordon Ramsay in Hell’s Kitchen look like St Peter at the gates of heaven), why not AstroTarotDance it off in my Manifest a Miracle a Month open circle at 7:30 pm UK on Wednesday here. 

You’ve got this,

Aries x


Together we’ve got this.

Libra x


Keep the faith and the grace


Tiff x