This Gemini New Moon beckons us to step into our Magician energy. 

As exciting as this sounds (and it is), with magic we never quite know what we are dealing with. 

Perhaps that is never more true than now.

What with:

– The moon being in Gemini the day before when it is at its darkest.

And at the time of this new moon.

– The Sun and Moon making a challenging aspect with Neptune (the Lord of Illusion) 

– Saturn (the Lord of Karma) also starting his retrograde underworld journey through Pisces (ruled by Neptune)

Oof! What a potent recipe for magic. 

The master of magic is The Magician (a Major Gemini card in the Tarot). He is confident and courageous. He is a master of mindset and knows about the laws of karma and how to channel the universal energies for the highest good. 

Well, that’s the high Magician, then there is the unconscious or confused Magician, who doesn’t have the whole picture, and unconsciously manifests, and then, of course, there is the dark Magician who uses power for his own ends.

In this New Moon time, we will likely feel confused, not only because of Neptune but also because the other Gemini Major card is The Adam and Eve card of The Lovers, known in some decks as The Choice, and with the planetary party moving into Cancer soon after this New Moon emotions run strong. 

With The Magician handing the reigns over to The High Priestess and the Chariot on the solstice, something tells me the magic is in motion anyway, and we can’t get to the next stage of our consciousness without it.

We can’t stop it. We can’t control it. It’s bound to get messy and wild…

…but that’s magic for you. 

It may get messy, but trying to control or stop the magic is futile. Instead, dare yourself to dream, fully aware of your blind spots. Know that you possess the bravery to navigate the enchanting rapids that lie ahead.

Try not to take anything too much to heart during this New Moon – everything is the way it is for a reason. Whatever has been said or done and brought into existence was meant to happen – even if we don’t know or understand why – yet. 

The Sun in Gemini is The Ten of Swords, and The Moon in Gemini is The Queen of Swords.

Whatever cutting has happened is a clearing – and that’s where the magic starts, with a clear state. 

Neptune may not give us clarity, but it beckons us to dream, which Gemini can do as the Peter Pan of the zodiac; it never grows up or old. So, dare yourself to dream whilst knowing you have a blindspot and that there’s nothing you can do about that – not until the magic has been said and done anyway. 

Know you are brave enough to ride the magical rapids ahead. 

The hedonistic F***-it philosophy is riding high this full moon. 

It might get messy, but if you can’t beat them, join them! 

It’s time to have a bloody good time/blowout.

After all, are we ever really conscious?

Need some help to do that?

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Tiff x