Since the new moon in Scorpio two weeks ago, the determined vibes of Mars have been making their presence felt. On November 25, these vibes boiled over into Sagittarius, reaching a crescendo as they oppose the full Moon in Gemini on November 27. Let’s delve into this cosmic clash between intellect and philosophy.

The Celestial Drama:

In this astrological tale, the Full Moon in Gemini, representing the brainiac, faces off against the Sun in Sagittarius, embodying the philosopher. This showdown intensifies with the addition of Mars and Ceres in Sagittarius, fueling the flames of strong opinions and ethical considerations. But there’s a risk—we might staunchly defend our beliefs without considering alternative viewpoints.

The Moon in Gemini is all about logic and facts. This commitment to rationality can feel emotionally distant, setting the stage for a cosmic clash between sharp, cold reason (akin to The Queen of Swords, representing Moon in Gemini) and full-on fiery passion with Mars and the Sun in Sagittarius (reminiscent of the King of Wands). Picture a charismatic charmer alongside an ice maiden; let’s call them Will and Grace! Quite the pair! Perhaps they need a bit of dethroning!

Here Comes the Heroic Saturn in Pisces:

Normally, Saturn would enter the celestial ring like a heavyweight champ (imagine the clash of egos at dawn). However, Saturn in Pisces (The Eight of Cups) takes on the role of a wise mediator, looking for the way that has not yet been considered. Envision water smoothing out the rough edges of rocks, and you’ve got Saturn in Pisces playing the hero in this full moon face-off. Saturn gives Pisces enough gravitas to face challenges it might typically avoid, armed with emotional and philosophical intelligence. Simultaneously, Pisces imparts spirituality to Saturn, refining its hard edges.

Communication Stations:

So, here’s where Saturn in Pisces becomes our guide for tackling communication challenges during this Full Moon. Perhaps it’s time to consider perspectives we’ve never thought about before. Could bringing in a neutral third party help? Can we patch disagreements by acknowledging our interconnectedness and injecting compassion into our conversations? 

If arguments focus too much on principles without factual support, a change in perspective is crucial. Stepping into others’ shoes fosters understanding. And if we’re feeling detached, adding compassion infuses our communication with justice and care. Empathy becomes the bridge between differing perspectives; where’s the third option? 

The third option may be the spiritual one, without escapism attached, yes, but to also avoid getting too intellectual or passionate, don’t forget to ask your guides to step in and help things to manifest for the highest good of all involved – Especially as Neptune goes direct in Pisces from 6th December.

Moving Forward:

The good news is things are in motion. Frustration born from willfulness is starting to manifest. Anger has more manifesting power than apathy. The Tarot cards for Gemini—the Lovers (Will and Grace) symbolising choice, and the Magician, ruled by Mercury—remind us that our thoughts and words carry power. It’s time to spell things out and shape our reality.

As the Gemini Full Moon is all about communication, here’s a wise “spelling” of words that can unlock the magic.

“I would really like… insert outcome. If you would like that too, how do you see it happening?”

That phrase will help you see instantly if you are both actually ‘fighting’ for the same thing, realign you, release control, and let in the Magic of the magician—so let it begin!


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