Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you’ve skillfully navigated the extraordinary twists and turns of January 2024! 

Beyond the ordinary, January has unfurled the canvas for a dynamic and transformative year ahead. 

As we entered the epoch of 2024, the recent shift of Pluto into Aquarius on January 20th shattered the confines of dystopian tales, thrusting the Hunger Games into our reality.

In this new era, the call for change echoes unmistakably. It’s a time to propel forward, and while the journey might seem daunting, the stagnancy of staying put is equally intimidating.

Amidst the storm, we find ourselves disrupting norms and embracing a transformation that embraces the age of Aquarius.

Why not take a moment to reflect on your own experiences and emotions during this unique month, forging a connection with the cosmic journey we’re about to explore?


February 5th – Mercury Enters Aquarius (The Six of Swords):

Mercury joins the Sun and Pluto on February 5th, adding more oomph to our collective forward momentum. It’s an invitation to delve into innovative, progressive, and out-of-the-box thinking. Expect unconventional discussions with a focus on community-oriented topics. In the realm of Aquarius, adopting a mindset that ensures everyone is on board becomes paramount, emphasizing unity over individualism.


February 6th – Pallas Enters Sagittarius (The Queen of Wands):

The pace of our forward motion quickens into a gallop as Pallas adorns herself in Sagittarius’ archer gear. The flames of adventure are fanned by airy Aquarius, propelling us full steam ahead into innovation. Now is the perfect moment to explore new perspectives and embrace a more optimistic outlook, enhancing our problem-solving and progress.


February 7th – Ceres Enters Capricorn (The World):

The theme of caring for the whole intensifies as Ceres in Capricorn underscores the importance of Mother Earth. This cosmic alignment implores us to take responsibility for the long-term sustainability of our lives and all beings on our planet.


February 8th – Vesta Direct in Gemini (The Queen of Swords):

Vesta turning direct in Gemini gives voice to those who cannot speak and champions the underprivileged, valuing and fighting for fairness in education and equality. With every planet and asteroid in our skies now direct, a powerful cosmic alignment awaits.


February 9th – New Moon in Aquarius (The Star):

If you find yourself levitating, don’t be surprised! The influx of evolutionary downloads from the universe is astonishing. It’s as if your purpose is a balloon filled with helium, lifting you to new heights of purpose and clarity! Now is the time to experience a natural high by being of service to the world.


February 13th – Mars Enters Aquarius (The Knight of Swords):

As if that weren’t enough, Mars in Aquarius severs any grounding cord and propels our mission into space. The drive for progressive change and social justice reaches unprecedented levels, soaring to the stratosphere of collective well-being. Imagine the energy of the Knight of Swords, swift and decisive, fueling this cosmic journey.


February 16th – Venus Enters Aquarius (The Five of Swords):

Venus in Aquarius takes a lofty perspective from the stratosphere. It prompts us to examine anything holding us back from serving humanity and all of existence. For love to feel real now, it must honour freedom and think big. Explore the expansive connection between love and freedom, understanding that true love embraces vast possibilities.


February 23rd – Mercury Enters Pisces (The Knight of Cups):

Similarly, expand on the symbolism of the Knight of Cups and how it aligns with the dreamy and romantic turn of thoughts and communications. Feel the gentle, intuitive energy of the Knight of Cups guiding your emotions and expressions.


February 24th – Full Moon in Virgo (The Queen of Pentacles):

Consider elaborating on the significance of the Queen of Pentacles in connection with the Full Moon in Virgo. The nurturing and practical energy of the Queen of Pentacles influences our assessment of achievements and plans during this full moon. Embrace her wisdom in aligning efforts with long-term goals.


Navigating February’s celestial events demands an innovative yet practical approach. Whether adjusting goals, reassessing commitments, or improving communication, understanding the practical implications of these cosmic alignments helps us navigate the month with clarity and purpose. As we embrace these opportunities for growth and transformation, let’s keep our eyes on the cosmic dance and align our journey with the stars.

Reflect on the cosmic dance in your life. How can you apply the insights from February’s celestial events to your own journey? Take a moment to set intentions, knowing that the stars are on your side.