Can you feel the heat now? 

Welcome to the Capricorn New Moon! 

Erm, you thought Capricorn was an earth sign? 

Well, it is! 

So why all the heat? 

Surely you feel it already? 

The hectic pace since last month’s Sagittarius New Moon?



The build-up over the Gemini Full Moon a fortnight ago? 

There is no sign of this being a quiet Christmas! 

Well, okay, Mercury goes Retro on the 29th, but still, the fire turns up a notch when Jupiter moves into Aries on the 20th.

The light returns with the Solstice on the 21st. 


& Chiron goes direct (in Aries) just before the new Moon.

Aries, being the first of the fire signs, Jupiter being an exaggerator and Chiron, the wounded healer, shows a massive forward spark and rebirth of your creative healing path.

Chiron was abandoned at birth 


Chiron has been ‘processing’ since July 

And this is a birthing moment (well, a long labour – since 2020). Hurt is still there- Mars retrograde in Gemini and Mercury points to screamingly painful insecurity and tangible anxiety.

The energies are all over the place, but they all agree on one thing. Renounce the ego. And of course, that is impossible to do! But we can keep it in check. 

There is so much coming and going, pushing and pulling, and MASSIVE CHANGE keeps coming.

So we need to be super mindful of our inner child -also known as the ego – one we are to renounce, the other we are to love. 

Is that true?

Both need to feel heard and reassurance that you’ve got this. 

Maybe you don’t feel like you have right now, and that’s okay. All your inner child and ego need is love.

It’s self-love not to drive yourself into the ground.

It’s self-love to remember you are human. 

It’s self-love to take a realistic look at what you can do at any time. 

It’s self-love to trust there will be a time for everything.

It’s self-love to go within and not worry about the world around you. 

Only then will you ooze love into the world, rather than pain, trauma and ego.

All the personal planets are in Fire, Earth and Air right now. None are in water. 

To remember your inner child means to take more water with it.


Capricorn, albeit an earth sign, is a sea goat. 

It can climb a mountain and swim back to the mountain if it falls into the sea, but as a super god, it has compromised itself. 

It’s a fin short of a fish and two hind legs short of a goat. 

The winds are blowing a storm, the current is strong, the lightning is blinding, and if your little inner child/goat/ego hears that it’s incomplete, that will be its downfall, and how sad would that be? Because it’s a…

Bloody excellent, magical, unique…


Super-powered sea-goat! 

You will have it somewhere in your chart if you aren’t a Capricorn. 

Wherever it is indicates the mountain you are climbing (for me, it’s my Mid heaven/the public eye).

No matter how much you get knocked off that mountain.


There is no keeping you down. 

If you let go and go with the flow, you will rise again instead of perishing. 

Do not listen to the darkness or the fear that keeps you hanging on for dear life – relax, and let go. Nothing is in control anyway. 

If you find that hard to do, up the self-love, and treat yourself as you would your child – because that’s what you are. 

The times are fiery, but what would Christmas be like without the fire and the light? Like any element, we know fire needs to be respected, not through fighting.

“God” gave us equal measures of the elements to find our balance – take some water with it this super New Moon in Capricorn. 

Yup, it’s coming super close to the earth, so even though you won’t see it, you are going to feel the pull of the new. 

Not only because this Moon is at 1 degree but because it’s the first of three supermoons, and resistance is futile to the new beginnings

So how can you embark and strengthen your creative and healing spark this solstice


Pele’s Fire Solstice Ceremony: 

I met Maka this September on a beach in southern Spain. 

She asked me to set an intention and then showed me how to dance with fire- my intention was less struggle and more support. 

Since then, the amount of support I have manifested totals 45k + surplus to earning – things like referrals and relief funds have turned my life around, with less struggle and more support. 

So I asked Maka if she would hold space for you on the Solstice to connect with her fantastic channel to the fire goddess Pele, and she said yes! 

She will lead you via Zoom as the sun goes down and hold space for your return of the light through Pele’s Fire Solstice Ceremony at 5:30 pm UK this Solstice.

See Maka Channel Pele here:

Click here to see how the fire will continue to transform you

Wishing you a powerful Solstice and merry Christmas