Where will you find yourself when the mighty Capricorn Moon peaks on Monday at 12:39 pm? 

Ah, such a question holds powerful significance, indeed.

Capricorn, guided by the steadfast Saturn, may be likened to the enigmatic Devil in the realm of Tarot or discovered along the path of atonement in the Fool’s/Hero’s Journey. Yet, Capricorn also governs the final step on that very journey —The World— a return of transformation.

As the Capricorn energy culminates, it prompts us to gaze upon the past, reflecting upon the immense growth we have experienced on this transformative quest.

Though Capricorn embodies a grounded nature, its celestial counterpart is Cancer, where the Sun resides when the Moon shines in all its Capricornian glory. Indeed, Cancer holds sway over the Moon itself. Capricorn governs the Midheaven in astrology, symbolizing career and public recognition, while Cancer rules the Imum Coeli, our innermost public self.

During this lunar event, you may get thrust into the spotlight, with mounting pressure arising from conflicting emotional needs and the demand to present a composed and collected façade in the public arena.

Amidst the yearning for personal space, the show must go on.

Fortunately, opposing signs share a common trait, and Cancer, the most emotional sign of the zodiac, possesses the remarkable ability to maintain composure despite the tempestuous emotions brewing within.

A glimpse at one of its ruling Tarot cards, The Chariot, vividly portrays this impressive feat.

Like the resilient Goat, the Chariot embodies balance and an unwavering will for mastery.

Meanwhile, the High Priestess (also under Cancer’s rule) represents an amplified connection to your inner voice and intuition, even amidst the loud external galloping of hoofs.

So, while Capricorn may appear grounded on the surface and Cancer emotionally charged, these signs possess more similarities than they may acknowledge. 

Capricorn’s astuteness arises from its sea-goat nature, already encompassing a touch of the High Priestess. Similarly, Cancer’s ambition and self-containment mirror the qualities of a seasoned mountain climber.

The push-and-pull energy during the Capricorn Full Moon may make you question whether you can fulfil everyone’s expectations.

Fear not, for you possess the capacity to do so.

Capricorn challenges you to bring forth your best self, yet remember that the Full Moon’s energies will wane after Monday’s climax. It is not a time for impulsive, overly emotional decisions. 

Instead, allow the natural conclusion of events to unfold, conserving your energy to process these changes. Trust in the place you currently inhabit.

As one door closes, another swings open—a door that aligns perfectly with your life’s mission and purpose. 

It might sound twee, but it’s true.

Especially as this Full Moon forms a harmonious trine with Jupiter in Taurus, your purpose burgeons, blossoms, and advances, a testament to the dedication you have poured into your endeavours before this very moment.

And so, dear reader, I conclude this blog just as I began it:

Where will you be when the Capricorn Moon reaches its zenith on Monday at 12:39 pm?

Ah, the answer to that question speaks volumes.

Wishing you a wonder’full’ moon

💗 Love, Tiff x