This year’s Cancer New Moon at 7:32 pm BST on Monday, 17th July, forms a grand cross – a karmic tension point of breakdown and through.

The crab certainly stretched with its eight legs and two claws all burrowed into a planet this new moon, so let’s take it leg by leg…

The body of the Cancer New Moon:

As the moon enters it’s lunar renewal phase in the nurturing sign of Cancer, a fresh wave of emotional energy engulfs the cosmos. Cancer, known for its sensitivity, compassion, and protective nature, amplifies these qualities during its annual lunar rebirth. 

The Cancer New Moon invites us to embrace self-care, inner healing and strengthen our emotional foundations. You may be extra sensitive at this time. So if some people or places drain your energy, you will become super sensitive to it; in fact, it could be an excellent experiment to check in with how you feel after every visit to a place or person – but it could be just as good to permit yourself to avoid them altogether! 

Thus you may get huge (or subtle but no less potent) intuitive hunches about who, what and where feels like home to you – something else coming up under this moon. 

The moon anchors us through emotions and ‘the mother’ to the past, and the past is riding high this summer, with so many planets in retrograde. If that’s not enough to feel like someone glued rose-tinted glasses on our face, then the Nodes shift is like face-planting with them on!…

Cancer’s claws and the Moon’s Nodes:

We are busy switching up the North Node from Taurus to Aries and its South from Scorpio to Libra. So as we faceplant with our rose-tinted glasses on, the past ricochets and echoes throughout our very being every day – this is Cancer demanding that you feel it. 

Cancer knows we must process the past before we can break free and embark on the new soul journey awaiting us for the next 18 months.

It’s so loud that if you pay attention to this New Moon, you can’t ignore that the past is over, or pretend you don’t know where you are heading, even if it’s just a feeling – rather than a ‘heady’ knowing. 

The Aries North node represents individuality, courage, and assertiveness. It encourages us to step into our true selves, take charge of our lives, and initiate new beginnings aligned with our authentic desires. This alignment inspires us to be assertive and bold in pursuing our goals, especially in home, family, and personal well-being.

The Libra South Node, on the other claw, emphasises coming away from connections with others if they send us into codependency, people-pleasing, or passive aggressiveness.  

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn: 

Finishing off the grand cross opposite the Sun and Moon in Cancer is Pluto – The planet of transformation and rebirth – also retrograde. adding an extra layer of intensity, transformation and, if we are not careful, paranoia. There is no skirting around the edges with this one, no skinny dipping allowed, just wholehearted naked plunges that whip off our shells and leave us shaking in the cold light of vulnerability.

As terrifying as that may seem, it’s only then we can receive a genuine connection. Retrogrades prompt us to confront our fears, shadow aspects, and power dynamics. Inviting us to release outdated structures, belief systems, and patterns that no longer serve our highest good, and Pluto retro is one of the deepest dives. 

This inner work aligns with the Cancer New Moon’s energy of processing the past for emotional healing and renewal, allowing us to create a solid foundation for personal transformation.

The last three months were a whirlwind of energy.

They brought you new beginnings and changes in perspectives, and they taught you things about yourself that you had forgotten; now is the time to unveil the gifts of the past and pack them in your backpack. What a funny vision. Naked, sporting a backpack and glasses!

The next level is due to strengthen on the 22nd when the Sun moves into Leo, and Venus retrograde joins in. Clue? There’s more where this came from! Even when it comes to Cancer’s legs! We have only processed the two claws and one of its back legs here. They are also making:

A sextile with Uranus helping us break up with stagnant vibrations to give way for something new. 

A trine with Neptune amplifying the intuitive nudges on which dreams to follow-up with some willful oomph – something else Cancer possesses.

That’s another couple of legs down, leaving four legs free. Probably to take off those rose-tinted glasses with one pair and turn our eyes from the past to the future with the other!

Ironically, I just tried to get a pair of pink lens glasses I’d had my eyes on for ages and now, they are no longer available – you couldn’t make it up if you tried!

💗 Love, Tiff x