The full moon in Cancer is a wake-up call to long-buried emotional needs and not just because it occurs on Epiphany:

    1. The sun meets Mercury (retrograde) just hours before providing productive self-reflection. 


    1. The moon is sextile to Uranus. Sudden wake-ups and shake-ups are in the mix creating innovative ways of managing ongoing situations that are reaching a head. 


    1. Cancer brings deep-seated emotions to the surface anyway. It can feel like a sudden realisation when the subconscious has been processing for a long time.


The culmination of the above creates a eureka moment

You will see your situation in a new illuminating way and may even be inspired to tackle it from a different direction.    Acknowledging, processing, and working through emotions that led you to this Epiphany can spur on this month’s Capricorn pragmatic game plan — or, at the least, a surge of grounded, go-getter energy.

Cancer full moons present a pause in pragmatic Capricorn season in which we can ensure our heads are in sync with our hearts because your heart needs to be in the mountain you have chosen to climb.

The wake-up may be in managing your work-life balance or deep-rooted emotions within your closest personal and professional relationships. 

It’s probably both! 

The Cancer full moon shines a light on our most intimate and public life simultaneously, making every new year a conflicting, confusing (and hopeful) place to be. 

The Cancerian moon invites us to dive deep, release the armour, open up and have an honest heart-to-heart (or two). Still, at a Cancer full moon, clarity (especially externally) emerges slowly through sideward moves and feeling things out. 

Mars and Mercury retrograde means this year’s Cancer full moon has us in a tailspin. 

Trust the rapids, for they create a watershed, washing away anything that no longer serves. 

Releasing the need to know all the answers ironically brings them to the surface. 

If something feels amiss, listen to your feelings and permit yourself to ask questions or pause before proceeding. 

Even though there may be a sudden inner revelation, retrogrades encourage us to move slowly, readjust how we think about things, and uncover hidden truths.

Honour any sensitivities at this time by practicing greater compassion and self-love. Allow them to alert you to what your heart may be trying to communicate with you. 

Your heart is asking you to allow it to open a little and release some chains imposed upon it.

Cancer rules the moon in Astrology and The High Priestess and Chariot in the Tarot. 

The High Priestess pictures the need to sit with the emotions and let the answers rise to the surface from the deep. The Chariot shows the need to surf the rapids successfully as the tides rise. 

Moon in Cancer is The Four of Cups, reinforcing the need to sit and think things over. Sleep on it. In the morning, you never know. 

You might just have a eureka! 

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Tiff x