In December 2023, a record number of planets change direction: 

Neptune, Chiron, and Jupiter go direct, and Mercury turns retrograde! The Sun changes direction on the Solstice, and we have a big, beautiful Christmassy Full Moon in Cancer on Boxing Day, setting the stage for December.

If you are anything like me, you are feeling the changes. 

Usually, I send a blog for each moon cycle (two a month), but because the Full Moon falls on Boxing Day, many of my community, including myself, will be offline. So, I find myself writing a forecast for the entire month ahead instead. 

While writing, it hit me like a bolt out of the blue. This wasn’t just for Christmas! 

This is a change to bring in from now on. 2023 has been a year of intense transition for so many of us. Things have been in flux, but 2023 docks this December in ‘True Spirit’ fashion. 

‘True Spirit’ is a film about Jessica Watson, the youngest person to sail worldwide. Alone. At sixteen years old. She was in her ‘Fool’ archetype, embracing her call to adventure despite the external world providing resistance to that call. 

She left the shire and crossed the threshold (and the equator). On her return home, she met 70-foot-tall waves and had several knockdowns, one of which plunged her under 15 feet of water. 

It was the bond with her boat that saved her. She knew her ‘light body’ was designed to upright itself. She placed her complete trust in it and returned home a hero.

Welcome to December 2023! The time for homecoming. 

It all began on December 1, 2023, when Mercury entered Capricorn (The Knight of Pentacles), signifying that now is the time to get real. The time for exploration is ending; it’s time to polish strategic thinking. Prioritise, organise and come up with a practical plan.

This is when Jessica Watson saw the five storms surrounding her, eventually culminating in one giant storm, in which she would finally find herself in the centre. She had a choice. Pull over on the home straight and lose the world record but save her life. Or…

Next, on December 4, Venus entered Scorpio (The Seven of Cups).

The storm struck, and things intensified. We found ourselves plunged to the depths of the underworld, with unexpected twists and transformative energies challenging us to the depths of who we are. The storm is reaching its peak. Self-doubt and fear rock us to the core, and we must dig deep to find the faith and hold firm to our intuition and conviction.

Then, on December 6, the sea god Neptune went Direct at 24° Pisces (The Hanged Man). 

Seventy-foot wave time. Forced to face your ultimate fear, plunged to your depths, overcome with emotions and unable to know which way is up. There’s only one thing you can do: surrender, let yourself go under, be submerged, resign, go with it, and put your faith in your journey and nature. As you do, the most remarkable shift happens.

On December 12, 2023 is the Sagittarius New Moon (The Nine and Queen of Wands!) 

This New Moon is conjunct with Mars, squares Neptune, and quincunx Uranus. She encourages us to pursue goals with Sagittarius’ natural optimism and enthusiasm. We can more efficiently channel Mars’s motivating, confidence-boosting, energising qualities. This is when Jessica docks into Sydney Harbour (210 days later). 

The sacred number code 1212 is unlocked, representing moving to a higher state of consciousness. 12 represents completion. We have 12 months in the year and 12 signs in the zodiac. Now, we find all that is lost – and more.

Mercury, the planet of thought and The Magician in Tarot is also starting to station, ready to reflect on the last chapter and rebirth us into a new journey from January 2, 2024, built on all we have learned in 2023.

On December 13, 2023, Mercury goes Retrograde at 8° Capricorn (The Magician/Knight of Pentacles reversed). 

While Mercury Retrograde can bring trickster energy, there is a higher vibration to all of this. In mythology, Mercury is the Messenger of the Gods, and during its retrograde cycle, it can more quickly and easily bring these messages to us, not through thought but through our intuition. 

Mercury Retrograde is, therefore, a fantastic time to focus on your intuitive and psychic gifts. 

If you have a Gemini or Virgo ascendant, you are by default sensitive to Mercury retrogrades because Mercury is your chart ruler. Also, if you have planets or angles between 22° Sagittarius and 8° Capricorn, this particular Mercury retrograde will be more significant. 

This Mercury retrograde will square Neptune, adding an element of confusion and potential miscommunication to the mix. However, this alignment also brings opportunities to refine our Sagittarian-Piscean goals and dreams. 

We may have been dreaming too big or too small or directing our energy to false goals and dreams. It is time to reassess, realign, and focus on the aspirations that genuinely resonate with our authentic selves.

December 21, 2023 – Sun Enters Capricorn and reaches the Solstice turning point (The World!) 

The Solstice is a shift in the balance of light and darkness, connecting us to the cyclical rhythms of nature. It is a pivotal time to shift your perspective. Venus is vital at this time, building a bridge to transit, innovate and allow our authentic selves to shine.

December 22: Sun Conjunct Mercury in Retrograde (The Magician reversed).

The Sun aligns with Mercury today, bringing new insights and wisdom into our world. Also known as Mercury Cazimi, this is a power day in the Mercury Retrograde cycle. At this time, we begin understanding or unlocking what messages Mercury has for us. We may receive some clarity or progress on whatever has been held up or lost in translation.

December 23: Mercury Retrograde Enters Sagittarius (The Eight of Wands reversed). Mercury began its Retrograde in Capricorn but now backtracks into Sagittarius, where it will remain for the rest of the Retrograde. 

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius brings fiery energy to our thought processes, which may feel welcomed if we have been dragging our feet or confused about what choices we need to make. The path may not be crystal clear, but we may feel closer to having the answer.

December 26, 2023 – Full Moon In Cancer (The High Priestess and Queen of Cups) 

On December 26, 2023, we have a beautiful Full Moon at 4° Cancer, one of the best Full Moons of the year, just perfect for an after-Christmas gathering or reflection. We feel way more connected to our loved ones, in person or spirit. This Full Moon thins the veil, heightens our senses and makes us extra sensitive to the energies of the world around us. 

As this is Cancer’s Full Moon, we need recharging, and near the water can be particularly healing. Saturn, the planet of karma, is also active under this Full Moon, but it is here to help rather than hinder. Saturn’s presence grounds us and allows us to see the gift in the lessons that have come our way. 

The Full Moon is sextile Jupiter and trine Saturn, creating an atmosphere where we feel safe and relaxed in our small – or large – social circle. Whether you spend time with your family, with friends, or by yourself – you will likely find a sense of community and belonging. 

Reach out to a friend or to someone you care about. Friendship and belonging receive much support during this time of connection and celebration.

On December 29, 2023, Venus enters Sagittarius (Page of Wands). 

Venus in Sagittarius loves to feel wild and free. Travel may be on your mind. Plan a fun outing or getaway to make the most of this energy. Venus in Sagittarius’ buoyant vibes is a blessing after a period of sometimes-too-intense Venus in Scorpio’s exploration of the deeper realms of relationships and personal values. Venus in Sagittarius brings a refreshing energy that encourages a more open-minded approach.

December 30, 2023 – Jupiter Goes Direct in Taurus (The High Priest). 

Hallelujah! On December 30, 2023, Jupiter goes direct at 5° Taurus. After being retrograde since September! When Jupiter stations direct, we receive a burst of abundant energy! Be on the lookout for all the ways you are loved, cared for, and provided for. The universe is on your side! 

As Jupiter is in Taurus now, this is even doubly true! Jupiter is now officially applying a sign-based conjunction to Uranus. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is one of the most anticipated astrological events of 2024 and for good reasons. There is so much to look forward to in 2024!

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Wishing you and your loved ones a joyous holiday season filled with warmth, laughter, and moments of true connection. May the spirit of December inspire a sense of homecoming and usher in a new year adorned with possibilities.