It’s the New Moon Solar Eclipse and the first eclipse we have had in Aries since 2015, kickstarting a new cycle of Eclipses that will continue to unfold until March 2025.

Eclipses have long been known for bringing fated or karmic events, but this April Eclipse seems incredibly connected to the divine realms.

Here are six reasons why:

1. The Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse is a hybrid eclipse. There are three main types of solar eclipses; partial, annular and total solar eclipse. However, the April 2023 solar eclipse is a fascinating fourth type of solar eclipse that occurs only a few times per century. It is called a hybrid solar eclipse, “the rarest, most intriguing, and arguably the most globally spectacular and interesting type of solar eclipse there is.” 

2. Falling in the sign of Aries, this is the second lunar cycle in a row to begin in this fire sign. The first was on March 21st. Having two powerful lunar cycles back to back in Aries indicates an intensity building around Aries themes.

3. This eclipse is conjunct Jupiter (The wheel in the Tarot), fanning the flames of the firestarter and expanding the changes that have kept growing more potent since the beginning of 2023. 

4. This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries (life) most potent aspect is a square with Pluto. In Tarot, Aries is The Emperor (Life), and the Emperor’s birth pair is with Death (Pluto). The Emperor must destroy to create new life, which this eclipse mirrors in the sky. Life is squaring off with death (significant changes are afoot). 

5. The April Solar Eclipse falls at 29 degrees of Aries, the zodiac’s final degree. The last degree of any zodiac sign is considered a highly charged and karmic point and indicates an unfolding karmic event or destiny. It shows something coming to a close, leaving space for the new to emerge.

6. It’s not textbook, but I see Aries as The Magician in the Tarot for many reasons. One of those reasons is that The Magician holds the divine spark (as does Aries). Between 5:12 am and 5:16 am UK, there is almost an instant manifestation – and then a short void, of course, as the Moon carries the magic baton of the final divine spark of Aries to Taurus at 5:32 am. Taurus is the magic planter of the divine spark, fertilising it deep into manifestation.

In short, The Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse lays the foundation for a new pathway to emerge. It is ripe with fertile, creative energy that we can use to shape and fashion the next chapter of our lives.

So prepare to clear the path. 

Balancing our inner fire may be a theme around this eclipse. We may feel the Aries energy pushing us to stand up for ourselves, leap into the new, and be confident to make long-awaited and necessary changes. But we may also need to bring it back, tame our egos, and take responsibility for any destruction – which, of course, can be either minimised or avoided by remembering that these are significant changes, and they are happening.

You don’t need to force the issue.

So, whether your inner fire needs to be fanned or tamed, this eclipse will be your guide, helping you to cross into a new reality. 

If you want to understand what the Aries Eclipse may stir in your life, look at where Aries is in your natal chart. You can also reflect on what was happening in your life during the last Aries-Libra Eclipse cycle, which was from October 2013-September 2015. 

Like The Magician, you are a co-creator of the universe. 

The Magician energy is now twice as potent, so use this power and work with the eclipse by exploring manifestation work and setting intentions. Keep your vibration lifted, and remember that all things are possible, especially when you step up and become the leader of your life – just like The Emperor. 

Don’t be afraid of making necessary changes (Death/Pluto), and remember the earth will ground you (Taurus/Empress)

To help you feel the strength and power of the above, on Thursday at 7:30 pm UK, I will hold the Aries New Moon AstroTarotDance/Pray/Heal for some super manifesting power! You can join us in my Manifest a Miracle a Month open circle here. 


Tiff x