“Hello! We have just crossed over into new life, don’t you know?”

‘Finally!’ I hear you say! 

Even my last two blogs have been titled ‘A brand new start’!

Except, this New Moon is in two parts as well! 

We have not one Aries New Moon this year, but TWO Aries New Moons.

So the beginning that has been feeling so strong, but taking oh so long, continues for a little bit longer.

Aries usually has a go-getting energy of a firework, but this year, it’s more of a fart or at least a slow burn. 

The New Moon at the equinox on 21st March is at 1 degree of Aries representing the single spark igniting in a hearth after a long period of dormancy and hibernation.

Being equinox time, it’s still very close to the water-energy of Pisces. 

We must tend to the spark, by not getting too emotionally reactive to things (water) or demanding, by loading it up with tasks (heavy logs) that would instantly put the flame out.

New Moons mark a time for us to set intentions and plant seeds for the future.

Unless it’s an eclipse (like the next Aries New Moon on the 20th). 

So, this moon IS a time to set the intentions, but the usual action that comes with Aries is something that will build up as the month goes on, and be more present from around 20th April.

Expecting too much of yourself or the universe at this time is the greatest mistake.

For now, the most important thing isn’t the action, but the intention. 

We are right at the end and beginning points. 

A time of immense change, we cannot have a foot in both worlds anymore, but right now, all it requires of you is to be emotionally ready to release the past and welcome the future. 

If you are anything like me then you’ve been feeling this time coming for a while, and right now your energy could be fluctuating greatly. Rollercoastering from great apathy to surprising amounts of fight and drive, sometimes all within a day!

Pisces energy is still reigning strong, mix that with Aries and what you have is a powerful recipe for internal work and potent vision. 

Esther and Jerry Hicks say it only takes 17 seconds of pure concentration on one thought for an ignition, and if you can hold it for 68 seconds, that ignition goes into motion.

This is the unique manifesting power of two New Moons in Aries in one month, and as the next one is a solar eclipse, it marks a time when the fire has taken hold. 

This is the moon that tells you it’s time to let the past go, and get excited about creating the future, this is the moon that dares you to dream. 

The more you give the universe to work with, the more the solar eclipse on 20th April can work it’s magic.

Have you tried holding that one dream for 17 seconds yet? 

How did you find it? Harder than you think isn’t it? 

One way to harness the energy of the new moon and the equinox is to perform a ritual or ceremony. This can be as simple as lighting a candle and setting your intentions for the coming month, or it can be a more elaborate ceremony involving meditation, prayer, and visualization. 

Whatever form your ritual takes, the important thing is to focus your energy and attention on your intentions and to ask for guidance and support from the universe.

Which is exactly why every full and new moon I hold a live AstroTarotDance. The music is selected by the planets and the tarot of the time, the lyrics speak to you as the gods, and the rhythm helps you to move in time with that of the universe – whilst you have the time and space to put your prayers and intentions out into the universe.

Join us for Tuesday’s AstroTarotDance at 7:30pm inside my Manifest a Miracle a Month open circle here. 

In conclusion, the upcoming new moon in Aries on March 21st 2023, which coincides with the spring equinox, is a powerful astrological event that offers us an opportunity to tap into our inner strength and courage. This is a time to dream, envision, set intentions, and embrace our potential for growth and transformation. 

Whether you choose to perform a ritual, join us or simply spend time in nature, this is a time to connect with the energy of the universe and to open yourself up to the possibilities that lie ahead, enjoying the space of the dream, without the need for action – yet. 

The more you dream now, the stronger the manifestation will be. 

Love, Tiff x