Two weeks ago, the New Moon graced us in the pragmatic sign of Virgo.

Unleashing a wave of themes centred around health, scrutiny, precision, and perfection. Amidst the practicality of Virgo’s energy, moments of shocking news emerged, not just on our screens but in our personal lives as well.

The New Moon symbolizes the birth of something new, that initial spark of life, that new flicker of life, at zero degrees. Like an embryo seeking refuge, demanding rest and recovery, reminding us of the fragility of our energy resources.

Personally, my bed was a giant magnet for my new titanium hips! Acutely aware of how much energy every task was taking (in true Virgo fashion) I worried that under the severe lack of energy, there was something even more major than a hip replacement or menopause.

Yet, at the same time, daily life reminded me that I would get better and that not everyone is so lucky.

A colleague was leaving due to an incurable health condition, and my husband was renovating a house for someone who needed extensive moderation for a hoist and wheelchair. He continues to work through Zoom from the head up so none of his clients know what he is going through.

There were powerful messages from the Virgo New Moon – also the day Mercury went direct:

  • Energy is finite
  • Don’t take your health for granted
  • Be kind.
  • You never know what someone is going through.
  • Trust the ‘knowing feeling’ in your body
  • Let go of control
  • Life is short
  • Show kindness and compassion
  • Nurture understanding and patience.

This Full Moon in Aries puts our newfound wisdom to the test. Aries demands action, reminding us that life is short. Tempting us to throw the delicate balance we’ve been cultivating to the wind.

Take your mind back to April 20th this year.

That was the New Moon in Aries and an eclipse. That Moon set the scene for the last six months. It’s easy for me to remember because it was the day my father-in-law passed. In this time two big things have happened in my Virgo house of health and work – a hip replacement and a career change. But, Aries? Being in my 12th house is way more intangible, and probate is probing my patience! So much so that I wonder if probate is another name for pause?

This Aries Full Moon is set to press play.

Unblocking any pauses we’ve experienced since the New Moon eclipse in Aries on 20th April. The universe is switching the stage for the next scene.

For instance (and no, I didn’t do this on purpose), I will be landing back in Spain (the place we plan to be when probate has gone through) on the day of the New Moon eclipse in Libra (14th October). We will still only be able to literally window shop! Still, it’s a step closer than computer window shopping!

However, if we were in control, we could take more of that fast Aries action that leads to traction and manifestation. Yet, this stage has to come first; it’s what the next six months are about, and it isn’t a stage to rush.

2023 has been a strange year.

A year of significant changes, almost all happening by surprise and when the universe decided. We may have felt incredible frustration, impatience, great surprise, wonder and elation, both of which are on the axis of – nothing is in control!

So instead of feeling the het-up place of ‘life is short’ this Full Moon in Aries, try instead, ‘life is short, so I must treat everyone around me correctly,’ and you’ll have the right balance for the Aries (self)- Libra (others) axis we find ourselves in.

And it’s time for me to practice what I preach.

I have been spreading my finite energy thin for a long time. My last holiday with my husband was our honeymoon 14 years ago. So when I land in Spain on the 14th, I am landing there with both feet, my whole self and the whole of him next to me. Entirely present for the next stage of our lives. Not worrying about the blogs for the eclipse cycle!

Yes! This October eclipse season is taking me out! Yes! That’s more shocking than seeing Frankenstein on All Hallows Eve, but there you have it.

I will be back, but not until the other side of the eclipse season and Halloween.

However, that doesn’t mean you need to be AstroTarot or spiritually empty – like many of us can easily feel at this time, when the veil is at its thinnest – ironically. It could be the feeling of life and light dwindling, which is the hardest thing.

We live on.

And if you want to feel that right down to the core of your bones rather than paying lip service to a touche cliche, how about placing both feet into the witches’ cauldron this Samhain?

No skirting around the dark night of the soul.

It’s time to make S.A.D season something to feel sacred about rather than scared about. The Full Moon in Aries and its preceding celestial events are potent reminders of life’s unpredictability. Embrace the lessons of patience, intuition, and kindness as you navigate the cosmic currents.

Find the balance between self and others.

Treasure the moments that truly matter, and if you know you need a hefty dose of magic, it’s still right here for you, even if physically I am not (just like your ancestors), and that can be even more powerful.

You can learn more about pinpointing, connecting and clearing your ancestral and past-life karma this Samhain right here.

May your journey be filled with magic and transformation.

Wishing you a ‘wonder-full’ Aries Full Moon, Eclipse Season and Samhain, see you on the ‘other side’!