Oof… What a mother hen of a moon this new moon in Aquarius is!

You wouldn’t think so. 

After all, a moon in Aquarius placement stands for “distant mother’, but maybe that’s just it. 

Except no, it isn’t ‘JUST’ it. 

Confusion and surprises abound around an Aquarius moon. You can’t take anything at face value. Especially with Mercury and Mars turning direct too. 

Of course, you can never take a new moon at face value anyway – it’s all too new and hidden to know precisely how it will pan out. That’s why it’s better to set intentions rather than actions.

So maybe if I explain the process of this new moon, it will help you understand what I mean by mother hen of a moon?

First, remember what happened with the Cancer Full Moon on 6th January, when your personal, professional and parental stuff hit the fan? 

Having to feel your way through a deep emotional confusion that led you to the light at the end of the tunnel after an aeon-long dark night of the soul?

Mars going direct on the 12th added a sense of ‘FINALLY!” 

But not without its drawbacks. 

There may have been some whiplash. A sense of being lifted up, only to be dropped from a great height? A gift that had a sting in its tail? 

If this is the case, you may be tempted to say a quick “ouch”, dust yourself off, pick yourself up and be grateful for still being in a better place than you were before the Cancer Full Moon. 

Resulting in a kind of “la, la, la, la, la”?

After all, the Aquarian Tarot Card is The Fool, and The Fool is the child of the Tarot. 

Foolhardy and resilient (at the time). 

Except you are an adult. 

The Cancer Full Moon is one of the most maternal, and the Aquarius New Moon is one of the least maternal. Of course, it will sting, so what’s the lesson? 

Be your own mother, hen. 

Nurture your inner child and take things slowly. 

It’s a sign of new times, vulnerability and the need to take things slowly.  

It’s not easy to do in this fast-paced age, let alone with Saturn (the slow taskmaster of time) and Uranus (the lightning bolt eureka moment), both ruling Aquarius. 

However, the Aquarius New Moon reminds you to avoid judging yourself for taking too much or not enough time, reaffirming you are not in control of timing. 

The divine is.

Had any reminders of that lately? 

Speaking of which, most new year resolutions fail on 19th January, two days before this moon, but a new moon is a fresh start. What with the Chinese New Year on the 22nd, this is an auspicious moon to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start (again) as you mean to go on. 

Especially as this first new moon of the year is at 1 degree! 

There is a lot of healing with this moon. Which can’t happen without the karmic wound of Aquarius being shone a light on. 

The glaring light of injustice.

All you have to do is take one look at the minor arcana card for Aquarius to see what I mean: 

Whilst walking the line between taking too much time and not enough, we have to walk the line between wailing, “it’s not fair,” and “I don’t care.”

The New Moon is conjunct Pluto (rebirth) in Capricorn (Power, Authority, Father). In March, Pluto will momentarily move into Aquarius after being in Capricorn for 14 years. Signifying another level of the age of Aquarius. 

Did you know most children kill their fathers at 14? 

It’s an old-time thing, not just from the times of overthrowing the throne, but it’s in the mists of time when Saturn’s fear of the same fate led him to eat his children. 

Exile, injustice, fear of not being loved, wanted, cherished, or good enough, the karmic wound makes the child act up – even within adults. 

We have three more reasons: 

1. Venus in Aquarius – see the minor arcana below for what that looks like.

2. This moon is opposite Black Moon Lilith in the Royal Leo. Oof! The lion with a thorn in its paw, roaring for recognition.

3. The new moon is caught in a T-Square with Chiron (the wounded healer) in fiery Aries, a recipe for emotional and mental insecurity and immatureness about identity.

E.g. A lot of EGO!

To me, the Inner Child and the EGO are the same; When either fears their needs won’t be met, they play up. Yet we are told to love the inner child and renounce the ego. Poor old bruised ego! 

That’s precisely the problem.

Trusting ourselves and the divine to make the right decisions with timing, our needs, and our plan – means we become the adult who listens, nurtures and calms the inner child and ego down with love, grace, nurture and firm boundaries.

That’s precisely the lesson.

It’s about healing ourselves from the inside out. Mind and body (Saturn rules the bones, teeth, skin and ageing). As well as karmically and ancestrally – that will be the spirit. 

Fortunately, Chiron’s female counterpart, medicine woman Chariklo is conjunct this new moon, bestowing enormous opportunity for healing.

Health and money matters are also coming up to be healed under this moon, but it all really points to one thing. 


You are worthy. 

You don’t deserve to upset yourself over something. 

You deserve to set your inner child free with the gift of divinity.

So, why not gift yourself the freedom of The Fool, and watch yourself turn into that Star – 

Oh! Did I forget to tell you?

That’s also an Aquarius Tarot card 😉 

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Love, Tiff x