Ready to see what makes you, your relationships and your year tick?


Let’s uncover 3 invaluable secrets…

1. Your purpose in life.

2. The lessons you’re learning this year, and in any past or future year.

3. The purpose of ANY relationship and the lessons you’ll learn together in 2023 – and any other year.

Get a cuppa, pen and paper, snuggle down, and see what comes up!

Let’s start with…


Your birth card represents your lifelong purpose, to find it simply add up the digits of your date of birth, for example:

1+1+0+8+1+9+7+7= 34

If your number comes to above 21 then reduce it by adding the two digits together, for example: 3 + 4 = 7
When you have your number scroll down to find it below.

(For instance, I am number 7 so I scroll down to see I am a Chariot)

TIP: For more insights on your purpose you may look up your astrological associations too – each card has a zodiac sign on the list below. If you know your Moon and Rising Sign (ascendant) too that will also add to the information for you.


To do this use the same sum as above, replacing your birth year with the year you want to look at.

So for instance my sum would be my birth day plus month plus this year like so:

1+1+0+8+2+0+2+3 = 17
Card number 17 of the Tarot = The Star

Look your number up in the list below
TIP: When you have a double-digit number (lower than 21) you can read that number and also the reduced number. For instance, 17 also reduces to 8 (1+7). These are known as ‘Tarot Pairs’. 


Work out the birth card numbers of the two people concerned, for instance:

Mrs Crosara 11/08/1977 = 34 reduced to 7
Mr Crosara 30/5/1973 = 28 reduced to 10

And then add them together, for example:
7 + 10 = 17 reduced to 8
Number 17 is The Star, and number 8 is Strength. Therefore the lifetime relationship purpose is the Star and Strength.


To find the shorter yearly lessons within a relationship, add up the year numbers together, for example:

Mrs Crosara 11/08/2023= 17 (Star)
Mr Crosara 30/5/2023 = 15 (Devil)
1+7 + 1+5 = 14 (Temperance)

If higher than 9, you can always reduce, so 10 also becomes 1 (The Magician)  and 0 (The Fool) 

TIP: Things don’t suddenly change at the beginning or end of a year or on your birthday. See these energies as waves that overlap each other. As you keep in mind your cards for the year, you will see more how it works for you.

SECRET REVEAL: Your cards are below – Scroll within the box to read more and reveal the secret doorway into the next level. Excited? 

Here we go… welcome to the…

Major Arcana Numbers, Zodiac Signs and Purpose:

The Fool

If you get a zero in your numbers like 10 you have an element of The Fool. In The Fool the soul is born anew, pure, wild and free.

Your Purpose: You were born to lead the way, think out of the box and innovate. Your challenge is to be understood as your mind is so broad it travels the distance faster and further than many others. Strive to be understood and cross the divide but don’t dim your light or your life, you were born to lead the way, your mind is fast, active intuitive and inspirational, get used to keeping a notebook on you for sudden flashes of genius, if you believe in yourself you could be the innovator and inventor, the messages you get are divine, trust them, and work on your trust with others.

Your Year: When The Fool shows up in your years it’s time to break free, and begin something new, it can herald a steep learning curve, but life will not be boring and your self discovery during this time can be amazing, a new life beckons over the horizon, expect the unexpected, and allow yourself to discover previously undiscovered lands within and around you. This is a powerful sign of a completely new life and identity.

Your Relationship: When The Fool shows up in your relationship purpose it marks a very unconventional coupling, one that thrives on freedom and fun, you could be a very entertaining couple on tour! It’s likely people find you as a couple either very inspiring or can’t understand what you are doing together at all! You could very likely make a business out of your relationship and create a powerful following, the uniqueness of your relationship provides the key, but do watch out for immaturity or ignorance, try to curb any niavety and treat each other with respect.

Your Relationship Year: This could be a very refreshing year for your relationship, if you have always wanted to then maybe it’s the year to take a sabbatical and go travel the world together! Perhaps its about taking a risk and trying something a bit unconventional together, perhaps you are both changing and needing to be okay with that and give each other a degree of freedom, and take the time to get to know each other again, this is very unlikely to be a boring year! Unconventional yes boring no!

The Magician


The soul finds its identity, the power of the mind, manifestation and karmic retribution.

Your Purpose: The Magician is all about believing in oneself so much that you can reinvent yourself at anytime and people will always believe in you, that you can do anything, because you believe in yourself that much. It is the card of the innovator, the entrepreneur, the performer and public speaker. If employed you would need a leadership role with plenty of creative licence in order to thrive. You are a channel and must keep channeling in order to feel alive. Travel, movement, trade, economy, performance, you have to keep it moving or you can lose the belief in yourself, start comparing, get competitive and from there you risk losing your divine alignment. Variety is the spice of life, keep the belief in yourself, you are a powerful creator, you were born to believe in number 1 and that you can create something out of nothing – always. You were born independent.

Your Year: The Magician heralds the beginning of your year, if there was ever a year to belief in yourself it’s now. Do whatever you can to master your mind and manifest your desires, train your mind, word and deed for there is great power in them all and anything out of alignment is just as likely to manifest as anything in alignment. Anything is possible. The more you allow it to be, the more it will be. You have a magic wand so use it wisely. What have you always wanted to be? Where have you always wanted to be? Open your mind and open your world to all the magical possibilities before you. It’s time to make it happen.

Your Relationship: The purpose of this relationship is to help you get to know yourselves better, you may be two rather strong minded individuals and you could clash at times, but if you allow the clash to show you where you may be too ingrained in your own identity then this union has the potential to grow very powerfully, as well as your own individual consciousness. You are both likely to be independent and know what you want. I expect you will want much freedom and understanding from each other, so remember to treat the other as you would like to be treated. Just like in The Fool, this relationship has the hallmark of a charismatic couple living their dream.

Your Relationship Year: You might find that your partner has suddenly got a bit above their station! Or maybe it is you? Are you jealous or insecure? Or are they? Is a new life opening up one of you or both? This year can be amazing if you can allow it, dreams can really come true for one or both of you, and even if it’s just one of you, if the other can support effectively it will have a knock on effect for the highest good of you all. Belief and mutual understanding is the key.

The High Priestess 

The soul feels it’s intuition.

Your Purpose: You have been given a deep path, one that is not clearly seen or understood, you may have been raised as the caregiver of the family from a very young age, super in tune with others this is the path of the intuitive, the healer, the nurse or midwife. You live in two worlds. You may keep yourself to yourself because it’s hard enough for you to understand your path yourself, let alone for others. The cycles of the Moon can swing you to and from extremes, highly creative moderation is something that doesn’t come easily. It’s all or nothing, high or low, creation or burn out. This is a deep path of learning how to navigate strong internal tides, but the depth of internal knowledge and wisdom that arise is infinitely valuable.

Your Year: This year may signify a deeply spiritual initiation, one that leads you on a deep path of learning about yourself and the unseen tides, alternative realities and paths open up and you see things differently than before, you may embark on some kind of spiritual or self discovery. This year can be mentally and emotionally intense but if you decide to let it show you what it needs to without trying to make it be anything else, what you get from it is likely to be very profound indeed.

Your Relationship: This relationship has the mark of a very deep soul union, when you met you probably felt you had known each other before, perhaps you even became aware of past lives. Take time to get to know each other if you can, this can be a very intense union and can completely consume you, you may be picking up on past life themes and confusing it with this one and it can be very hard to see each other clearly because the psychic impressions are so intense. Treat this relationship like the rose it is, give it a good foundation, balanced love and nurture and time for it to open up and reveal to you what it really is.

Your Relationship Year: This is likely to very deep year, one that reveals the depth of your love and relationship to each other, there may be challenges along the way, things might feel very confusing and at times you might feel like you are going mad, the key is not to judge yourself too harshly, to try and remain impartial whilst valuing your insights, trust yourself like the wise owl that sees all, hears all and says nothing, don’t feed the emotional wildness that at times might feel like it’s consuming you, instead find a creative outlet, get some space, time will tell, and time will heal. This is the year of feeling and this is the year of healing. You may feel the depth of pain this year, but also the depth of love.

The Empress

The soul feels the call for natural protection of others.

Your Purpose: Forever the homemaker and the nurturer, your gift is in making things nice, be it food, decor, or relations, you have a keen sense for that which looks good and feels good. You are the nurturer, the feeder, the caregiver, the earth mother, the gardener, the nutritionist, the interior or fashion designer, you are the queen of whatever environment you find yourself in, and those that are there with you are very lucky to be so. Do channel this wisely, there is a danger that you will mother people inappropriately at times. But generally speaking you have a flair for making home and others bloom.

Your Year: Home and family matters are likely to be the main focus this year, as is any business that plays a part in this or in making houses or people look or feel good. Getting on the property ladder, property development, the relationship with your mother or child, feminine matters, renovations, it’s all about investing in the foundations that hold things together, your health, your wealth, traditions, and making the old good with the new. As you do so you may become the go to expert in your field as you flourish gracefully in life.

Your Relationship: The main quality of this relationship is nurture. This has a solid foundation to build things that grow strong and worthy. The care in this relationship can be a very special and highly regarded thing indeed and anything you do together can turn to gold. The only thing to watch is the dark tendency of mothering – smother love, insecurity, manipulation and jealousy can all tear what is otherwise a relationship made in heaven to smithereens. Value what you have and let it bloom the way it wants, it has the power to astonish.

Your Relationship Year: This could be the year you move in together, get married, buy a house, have children or make some other long standing commitment. It’s the time to look at what wants to be birthed from your union, it is ripe for creative union. Find something that binds you together as a couple and breathes good out into the world.

The Emperor

The soul realizes the need to act and create structure.

Your Purpose: The father, the protector, the disciplinarian, the courageous one, the responsible one, the pioneer, the builder, the warrior, the business man, the politician, the engineer, the economist. Industrious is not even your middle name, it’s you first. Wherever you go you must build your empire and conquer. Much like The Magician if you are employed you would need to lead and be given creative free reign or destruction will not be far away. You may find you do this a lot. Create destroy, move on. Destruction is part of creation. Your fire keeps you going, keeps you burning strong, it doesn’t stay still, it engulfs and destroys but it also forges and creates.

Your Year: Well, this really is your year! My goodness! Its’ likely to be so busy but full of so much achievement – want something done? Ask a busy person! Say goodbye to procrastination and people pleasing! Ain’t nobody got time for that! Promotions, launching, building your own empire, action, action, action packed! Make sure it’s in the area you want it to be, because this really is YOUR YEAR 🙂

Your Relationship: This relationship is HOT! Passionate! Fiery! The chemistry engulfs you both, you can be each others best friend or worst enemy, watch for the petty ego games, and drama, it’s highly addictive but can build the walls between you, and then a coupling where you once felt you could take on the world together destroys each other. Be creative, you need to create together, the creative element is so powerful and not only between the sheets (if romantic) work together, but watch the competition, practice seeing yourselves as a united force with a common end goal rather than two individuals that need to prove anything to each other.

Your Relationship Year: If there was ever a year to do something industrious together this is it. What is the passion that unites you? How does that serve the world? What can you do to make that come true? This is likely to be a busy year so make sure you are busy together, otherwise you both may be just too busy with your own lives to see each other. If that happens don’t worry that life is taking you in different directions, let it be, you can’t stop a force like The Emperor, instead understand it’s happening and that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Allow the year to play out and then see where it’s taken you, both individually and as a couple.

The High Priest
The soul realizes there is more to life than basic mental, emotional and physical needs.

Your Purpose: Solid as a rock, logical, dependable, you are the fount of all knowledge that can hold a society together. Be it the teacher, advisor, public speaker, counsellor, politician, or founding member of a community. The amount you know is impressive, as is your staying power, you are someone everyone would want on their team, you have the stamina to go the distance and an amazing capacity for patience. Sometimes youht be a bit too closed, in terms of sharing yourself, but not in sharing your opinions, and if this becomes unbalanced it can cause others to feel preached at or shut out or that you think you no better, so watch for that, allow people to see the beautiful radiant source that you are, know that you will be loved for you and not for what you know.

Your Year: Welcome to a rock solid year or getting your foundations right, knowledge is power and this is the year for it. You may embark on studies yourself, or help others to learn that which they need to know. Educational and societal matters take centre stage and you might too! Traditional and conservative matters reign strong this year, maybe you thought you’d never live the conservative traditional life, but you find yourself settling down, getting betrothed, or dedicating yourself to cause bigger than yourself.

Your relationship: The High Priest signifies a traditional coupling, this is the long courtship that takes time to develop, and must tick all the sensible boxes, a meeting of equals in terms of background, values, morals, ethics, status and finances. This is the stuff marriages are made of. It might sound boring but far from it. Sensible doesn’t have to be boring, sensible can be very sensual indeed. The High Priest loves fine robes and athestics and appreciates all that takes him to a higher state, he’s in it for the long haul and only the very best will do.

Your relationship year: If you were together last year then you will have made it through the test of The Emperor and you didn’t break so here you make, here is when you realise just how strong your relationship is and that you are in it for the long haul. Maybe you buy a house together and do it up or tie the traditional knot. Whatever it is for you it’s about putting into the foundations that make you such a strong couple and enjoying the fruits and benefits of your coupling. This year should be a lot slower than last year, and so use the time to enjoy each other, you may even embark on couple’s counselling on the aftermath of last year, but, if you still both want this to work, this card shows it really can.

The Lovers

The soul feels the call of choice, temptation and connection.

Your Purpose: The amount of information your head processes quickly is astounding, as is your intellect and ability to think outside the box. You can help people see things a completely different way and would be great as a meditator, couples counsellor, teacher, the writer, or even an escort! Life has to be exciting for you, variety is the spice of life and there is a love of travels to far away places, so if you can combine your great skill of communication with your love of travel you’d have an adventurous life of your dreams where you feel you really are making a difference in the world.

Your Year: The year of The Lovers can be particularly de- stablizing and ungrounding, you may find that you are pulled in two different directions or that you are living a double life. The more you are used to stability the more challenging this can be. It can feel like a karmic test of your morals, like you have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. Confusion, overwhelm, obsession can all abound, if you feel like that, then try not to give yourself a deadline on making any decisions, things can look very different next year. Do your best to just let the madness play out, or even enjoy it! This does make for quite an exhilarating exciting year!

Your relationship: Woah! This is an intense coupling, you just seem to have found your other half, the one that gets you, that you can talk for hours on end with, if you can keep your hands off each other that long! Its Fireworks! So why is it that this chemistry has such a hard time developing into something more? There always seems to be a drama in the way. Is that part of the appeal? Is there a fear that one or both of you believe you can’t keep a romance alive without it? This is an exciting coupling for sure, with a lot of growth on the horizon for both of you, how it pans out remains to be seen…

Your Relationship Year: This year could be quite confusing, if you’ve been together a while it could be a wake up call, you may suddenly realise how much you love your partner as something might threaten to take you or them away. If it’s a new relationship then we are looking at that gorgeous heady honeymoon phase. Whatever it is it’s a ride, one with strong emotion ups and downs along the way. The Lovers year tends to be quite a destabilising one, and not that great for commitment, but fantastic for exploration and excitement. It can spin your head right round, again and again, so enjoy the ride as much as you can for the year, and try not to make any far reaching decisions if they feel forced, for it’s a great time of change.

The Chariot

The soul feels the call to prove itself.

Your Purpose: You are a soul that came here with a mission and a will of iron when it comes to completing it, maybe you’ve had many lifetimes of not and you are determined not to fall of the horse in this incarnation. You are driven. You may not know why, but you are. People watch agast as you throw yourself into one traumatic transformation after another, but they also marvel at your determination . You aren’t scared to work with the shadow, or come out of the comfort zone, like 95% of the population are and that’s what makes you such an inspirational leader, you are the coach, the change maker, the transformer, the teacher, contender, the athlete, the travelling ambitious one who provides inspiration, the shining light to others that if you can do it, they can too.

Your Year: This is the year for being thrown out of your comfort zone at high speed, the amount of achievement and growth this year is fast and unstoppable, whatever you set your mind to you can do. You are likely to attract attention and inspire a following as you do so. You might feel so anxious, emotional, overwhelmed and emotional on the inside, but the attention is here so it’s time to learn how to master feeling that way in the limelight – the show must go on as they say, if anyone can do this, you can, this year. Its time to grasp the horse by the reins, hold on tight and ride towards your goal with all your might!

Your Relationship: This is the type of relationship that moves fast and is rocky because of it. Maybe you moved in too soon or some other type of commitment happened “too soon” according to others that is. Nothing can happen before it’s time, whatever was meant to happen here was meant to happen, it’s just the way it is. You are likely to do things first then get to know each other later, and so the learning here is intense, for the relationship and for the self, the scope for discovery of the self and the unconscious shadow side is massive here and you actually make a very strong couple, you may have been catapulted away from home or the life you knew when you met and you’ve just had to find your way, this you can do.

Your Relationship Year: Hit the road jack! But together? Somedays it seems so, some days it doesn’t. This is a year of change, growth and transformation, and fast. Hold onto your hats and be in it for the ride. You might even travel far distances together, it can be dramatic, it can be traumatic, it can be challenging, sometimes you wonder if you are on the same page at all, learn to drop your guard with each other, don’t make any assumptions and work on your heart connection and communication, your relationship can truly ascend this year if you do.


The soul realizes the need to empower oneself.

Your purpose: Your soul is learning how Strength is a very different thing than force. Strength is a gentle knowing that all will be well whatever. Strength is a love and light that radiates out from within and makes the world around you melt. Here we have the vet, the nurse, the dentist, the caregiver, the dancer, the performer, and the celebrity. The whole world can be yours, but the moment you start to control or dictate its taken away, it’s never about you, it’s about serving the world around you. Remember that humility is to think of yourself less, not think less of yourself, keep your ego in check, if your head tells you you are above others or below others it’s both ego. Concentrate on your actions and your path, and let the empowerment ripple and flow out to the world around you naturally.

Your Year: Strength is a year that makes you face your lions so you know just how strong you are. This year can be the making of you. The year where you find true strength, the year where you wake up one day and go hey! I am at peace despite all the chaos around me! Now isn’t that a better thing than only being at peace because all is well in your life? That’s not really true peace, that is attachment. But this year you can find a sense of spiritual elevation or enlightenment. It’s a year where you find the strength to be yourself – no matter what 🙂

Your relationship: This relationship goes through its fair share of challenges but what doesn’t break you makes you stronger, and this is an incredibly strong union as marked by the infinity symbol, you have an undying infinity with each other, you might get stretched to breaking point, but you find your way back. The heart love is so strong between you, it’s real and if romantic then yes, it’s romantic! Your soul-mate isn’t always the person you end up with, but here, it really can be.

Your relationship year: This year is not without its challenges, this year is about finding out what it means to really love and how to let go of fear and control. You may have karmic lesson after karmic lesson coming on thick and strong if you are not learning this, but if you do it’s only because the universe believes you can learn this or it wouldn’t spend so much time throwing you these lessons! True strength is vulnerability, learn to be vulnerable with each other, when you can my gosh the strength of love you will find for and with each other is like nothing else that can be. What doesn’t break you makes you stronger. Learn how to truly love ( yourself and another) this year and it will astound you.

The Hermit


The soul realises the importance of reflection.

Your Purpose: Your capacity for knowledge and patience to attain it is incredible, you are the teacher, writer, researcher, sage and shaman. As you grow all you know makes you incredibly wise, you can be the way shower for others. You might be a little eccentric or neurotic at times, and you can tend to isolate yourself and go over things a bit too much, watch this. Your purpose isn’t to accumulate knowledge for the self, its for others, it’s to serve the community around you, that you may never truly feel a part of, but it doesn’t mean you aren’t loved for your role in it, in fact you are probably loved even more for it.

Your Year: This year you might disappear! You could wake up and find yourself in a mountainside monastery or undertaking Shamanic training in the rainforests of Peru! On a less dramatic level you might find that you become a Hermit, and shut yourself off from the world around you as you go through some deep inner journey that only you can take alone, perhaps it’s writing that book? Or going through intensive counselling to understand your journey so far. It can feel lonely, it can feel isolating, but when you come out the otherside, you’ll have a lot of wisdom and other invaluable things for you to share with the world once again.

Your Relationship: This relationship is a meeting of minds that work well together, you could provide a service to the world, such as a teaching retreat or something along those lines. You get each other, you have the same values, it’s a deep relationship based on so much more than the “usual” the same things matter to you, and there is much to talk about, dissect together and philosophise on, your service to the world together can be huge. This relationship grows older and wiser by the day and has a beautiful sacredness to it. Just try not to over analyse it too much!

Your Relationship Year: This year is deep, maybe you are having to reflect over the path your relationship has been on lately, to find out why things are the way they are, and what works and what doesn’t. This year is the year to sober up, and see things in the cold light of day, it’s time for patience and calls for a maturity if things are to mature and go forward for you. This can happen, if you both decide you want it to and are willing to let the past be bygones, taking the lessons with you but leaving the hurt behind. By doing this things can truly mature and grow.

The Wheel

The growth of the previous 9 lessons create change.

Your purpose: Is a hard one to pin down! it changes all the time! Sometimes having too much choice is as bad as none at all and you do have a happy go lucky midas touch and may well have more than the average amount of opportunities and careers come your way. It may not be conventional, it may involve travel and just doing what you love!

Your Year: This is the year of reaping that which you have sewn. If you have been putting your energy into the right things then its likely to all be coming back to you in a very good way now. Doors that were once shut open, in fact your whole world opens, travels and golden oppurtunties abound. Otherwise you might be experiencing a lot of lessons for growth, take this onboard and in the next decade things could be looking very different indeed. It will all be so worth it.

Your Relationship: Is karmic, its come round again, and for a great reason, one bigger than yourselves, it may be for season, or a lifetime, but it’s definitely for a reason. If a lifetime you are likely to live out far many different lives together than the average relationship. The growth here is astounding and ever changing. This is a very magnetic and lucky coupling if the feeling is good between you it can bring many benefits, or on the other hand, it might be so karmic that it’s too much to do it all in this lifetime, and you’ll come together to do a bit, and then apart and then together again, maybe all in this lifetime, maybe spanning more than this one.

Your Relationship Year: This year is the year where everything changes, maybe you have to move because of a great opportunity or some other big life changing thing happens, don’t fear it, for this really can be the golden opportunity for you both, if you can go with it, go with it, because this is a huge energy that can’t be stopped, and it can be incredibly beneficial, even if it looks massive and scary, this can be such an incredible year of blessings – even if it is in disguise. Let go and let God, let it flow, where it takes you nobody knows but the unknown has a much better outcome than what out tiny heads could ever comprehend.


The soul learns the importance of honesty.

Your Purpose: There is no suffering fools gladly where you are concerned, you can see through the most complex of characters with razor sharp clarity. You would make a fantastic lawyer, barrister, politician or detective, but your ability to remain balanced and impartial also serves you well in meditation, psychotherapy and teaching professions.

Your Year: How well do you know yourself? Get ready to find out! Anything you try to hide from yourself or others is likely to be futile this year, so it really is the time to take a long hard honest look at yourself. If you are reasonably aligned in your day to day life then you are likely to reap the rewards, but if not then this is the year where the past bites you on the bum! Whatever happens remember it is happening to make sure your future promises to be brighter and better. The truth will set you free!

Your Relationship: Is likely to be a karmic one, very intense and concerned with truth and integrity, maybe there is a reason for this. It is likely to force the issue of doing the right thing, and this relationship is likely to be a very strong mirror for those parts of ourselves we don’t tend to like, or we want to keep hidden. Maybe we find ourselves acting in a way we never believed we would! The trick is to not go into the judge with yourself or the other, or over compromise your integrity either – easier said than done, but when all is said and done and the truth will out, the effect is profound indeed.

Your Relationship Year: Decisions, decisions, decisions, it’s a tough one, remaining true to who you are becoming and not wanting to hurt the other. Take a deep breath and remember that you can’t empower another by disempowering yourself, if you can’t be truthful with each other then is it a true relationship anyway? Isn’t it better to find out sooner rather than later? This could be the year where you align closer than ever before, but it has to be built on truthful communication, anything built on people pleasing will not bode well for happy ever after.

The Hanged Man

The soul realises that perception is the key to change.

Your Purpose: Is to help others find their spiritual connection in this life, this could be through music, meditation, yoga, therapy, the list goes on. Your soul can transcend the trappings of daily living easier than most, and because of this you are first and foremost the mystic, anything you touch has the power to become awakened.

Your Year: This is likely to be a deeply spiritual year where you find the answers inside. Slowly, this year is likely to strip you clean from all that holds you back, from earthly possessions to relationships, but rather than feeling restrictive, you’ll be surprised at how keeping it simple reduces your stress levels and how little is actually needed to get by. Meditation and spiritual matters play a big part.

Your Relationship: Is deep! So deep that maybe even you two have trouble understanding it! Try to keep the communication open, it can be so difficult when we find things confusing, but balance that with plenty of reflection and you’ll get somewhere. This is first and foremost a spiritual connection, one so deep that it can be difficult to understand in this earthly realm, and it can also make you sacrifice your old way of being, just from arriving in your life. Go inside, meditate, practice understanding and compassion as well as being okay with not understanding! Whatever it is will take time to reveal itself, and is likely to be a very deep soul searching journey.

Your Relationship Year: This year if things are feeling a bit stuck, maybe you’ll have to make a compromise in order to move forward together, don’t be scared. It’s time to breathe new life into your connection. New hobbies, friends and ways of being are all waiting for you to let go of the life you have now so you can have a better one just around the corner, let go of the old and take up something new together and watch your connection transcend into something ecstatic.


The soul transcends, leaving the old behind and becoming the new.

Your Purpose: Your soul can go to places angels fear to tread, anything secret, hidden, taboo or controversial is like a magnet to you. You are the truth seeker, the psychic, the detective, the spy, the sex therapist, the rock musician, the soul midwife, the funeral director, the psychoanalyst, the unground and alternative, perhaps all of the above!

Your Year:This is the year of change, slow change, Death is much slower in its process than The Tower, so you may not even realise until the end of it just how much has changed for you. You are likely to be left with all that which is true for you. Anything that is out of alignment, or holding you back in any way is likely to go by the by as your own awareness of who you are and who you are becoming increases. The depth, wisdom and insight you are likely to gather this year is profound, even if there is a lot of endings along the way, what you discover is even more valuable.

Your Relationship: Is transformative! Truly transformative! There is no place to hide, no rock left unturned, truth is a shared value, and you aren’t scared to go there, it’s intense, it’s full on and it’s all consuming, the truth can easily become a relentless mission, do learn to couple it with compassion and don’t over-estimate the strength of your relationship, you might love that you can go deeper together than you could ever reach with anyone else, and it is something to value, so do that, respect you can do that and don’t take it for granted, after all truth without compassion is just brutality.

Your Relationship Year: A sobering year where it’s time to look at the bare bones of your relationship and what needs to happen now? This doesn’t have to mean the end, it just means something has to change. And of course, we can’t change anyone else, change starts with the self. Who are you becoming? What does this mean for your relationship? This year might have some intense rites of passage but either way you’ll come through it being able to see the truth clear as day – which is incredibly empowering.


The soul learns the power of grace.

Your Purpose: Your soul spans the planes of heaven and earth eternal, you are the eternal student, seeker, traveller and teacher, the peacemaker, the funeral director, the grief counsellor, the psychoanalyst, the shaman, the midwife, the nurse, the traveller, the dancer, the philosopher, the coach, the shaman, the coach that helps others change and transcend, the activator of visions in all manner of weird and wonderful ways!

Your Year: This is the year that broadens your horizon, be it through travel or learning, maybe both! Expansion is the key and any grounding is to be found within the practice of inner strength, patience, honesty and grace, as your world is likely to change from one day to the next, it might be hard to get a foothold in the earthly realms this year, but your spiritual sight is likely to take you far and inspire others.

Your Relationship: has a heavenly quality of transcendence to it, arising from strength, patience, honesty and grace, finding the equality for you both and a healthy respect of values is an inherent trait, almost like second nature, either that or the other extreme! Either way, the purpose is to find that graceful connection and allow it to take you places you’ve never been before, both spiritually and physically – sounds good to me!

Your Relationship Year: This year you may embark on a new path together, something exciting and freeing, something that helps you spread your wings and find your purpose together, travel beckons, as does learning and teaching spiritual subjects, this can be a truly beautiful and expansive lucky year, just try to remain balanced, give your partner as much freedom as you want for yourself and practice bucketloads of patience and politeness, especially if you are travelling together!

The Devil

The soul realises its confines.

Your Purpose: Your soul understands the importance of working with the hidden, the unseen and the shadow, you are gritty, and when the going gets tough the tough get going, you understand the trappings of life and therefore would make a great addiction therapist or hypnotherapist, businessman, professional gambler, the investor, prison attendant, bouncer, security guard, hypnotherapist, tattoo artist, anything that takes a bit of gritty determination, conviction and commitment is where you are to be found.

Your Year: Temptation may reign supreme this year and you may well need to find your inner strength and courage of your convictions, what are your values? What are you working for in the long run? In fact getting the slogan “short term pain for long term gain” across your forehead might be a good reminder to keep you on the wagon this year. What you can achieve this year is phenomenal, your commitment can be outstanding, just be discerning, don’t fall pray to illusions because they seem more exciting, stay stone cold sober, choose your causes wisely and stay consistent. Do that and you will be firmly on the road to success.

Your relationship: This relationship has a very deep bond indeed. One where you get to see the innermost hidden parts of each other, because this energy just does that. It’s compelling, it’s obsessive and you have to know every in and out of each other. You are likely to bring out the worst in each other as you poke and prod almost relentlessly – and yes also sexually if this is romantic, it’s chemistry is all consuming. This sounds like an intense short lived relationship, I mean who can keep this level of intensity up for long, and yes maybe. But not necassarily. The ones that get to see our shadow the most are our life partners, and this relationship may well become that very thing. It has the chemistry and the commitment to last – as long as it manages not to descend into dramatic chaos more than it shows it’s commitment.

Your relationship year: It’s time to understand your relationship and who you are in it at a deeper level, one where you are made to face your shadow side and what might be some deeply unpleasant truths, but this is valuable beyond compare. It is the truth that sets you free and eventually the understanding you get here will mean you can understand what has been happening for you in your relationships, which gives you the ability to discern and commit to the right things, because you understand yourself and others in a way that goes deeper than ever before.

The Tower

The soul is expelled from its confines.

Your Purpose: Comfort zone? What’s that? You probably haven’t had one since the day you were born, maybe you come from an unconventional or broken home or some other early trauma expelled you from the norm. For some reason you don’t fit in the box. You are the changemaker, the shocking one, a force to reckoned with, the catalyst, the truthful one, the insightful one, the eccentric one, the impulsive one, and the bulldozer driver! You can really help people to become unstuck and start living the life of their dreams rather than their fears which confine them to playing it safe. You can wake and shake people up, but you probably have no idea just how powerful your affect on others can be. A little bit of easy does it can go a long way.

Your Year: This is the year of sudden changes, well they might seem sudden on the outside but they’ve probably been a long time coming, perhaps you’ve secretly wished for these changes but haven’t been able to make it happen, never- the- less it can be a shock when they do. Once the dust settles the new life you can see starting to form on the other side holds far more freedom, liberation, and possibility for wishes fulfilled. A lot of people don’t like The Tower but when you look at the numerical order it’s in (after The Devil and before The Star) it shows you it’s purpose is to liberate you from hell and get you to your dreams.

Your Relationship: This is one almighty coupling that doesn’t fit into a conventional box, even if you try! Its path is somewhat unpredictable and unconfinable shall we say! As a couple nothing gets passed you, you can’t hide from yourselves or each other, it’s impossible. If you can learn to channel this wisely you could be a powerful combo for serving the world as changemakers. Fighting for causes such as truth, liberation and freedom are important shared values, find your common cause, so this powerful energy is channeled wisely – as a famous saying goes – “Use your imagination or it will use you”

Your Relationship Year: Well, what doesn’t break you makes you stronger as they say! This is a catalytic year, where one or both of you wake up to something bigger than yourselves and the slumber stops, it’s the year of changes and if one of you feel threatened by the sudden changes then things could topple. You can’t fight this force, go with it. Scientists say fear and excitement are the same thing – it’s just what we label it. This can be a truly exciting, exhilarating and inspirational time for your relationship, if you can see it to be.

The Star

The soul is on it’s way to manifest its dreams.

Your Purpose: You have come here to earth to learn how to manifest, the earthly realm probably feels quite heavy to you, you may feel like you are from a far away galaxy, and it might take you a while to get this thing called life. The spiritual realm is where you feel comfortable, but the earth is needed for the spiritual to be birthed, and once you have that bit in place there is no end to the things you can achieve. You are the divine channel, the visionary, the believer, the miracle maker, the artist, the dancer, the graceful one, the astronaut, the star!

Your Year: This is the year to be brave and go for your dreams, learn how to visualise and manifest, things are likely to take an unexpected turn, so don’t be quick to lose faith, the road is not straight before you, but the universe is infinite, the challenge this year is to get out of the confines of your head, your understanding couldn’t possibly comprehend what’s out there for you and how it will happen, so just keep that in mind and keep aligning yourself to your dreams, walking the path towards it that you can and keeping your eyes open to see what manifests before them along the way – asking yourself how is this a gift? Do that and you’ll be in alignment to the vastness that the universe has to offer you.

Your Relationship: Has a strong aspect of spirituality to it. Perhaps you both feel more at home there, in a nice little world that cocoons the two of you. You probably understand each other in a way the rest of the world doesn’t and this has the potential to lead to a relationship that has a lot of freedom in it, because the level of knowing and understanding means the trust is given. Others may see it as unconventional or not understand it at all, but they will see the love and trust present and probably wish to have the same in their lives. You can help them, just through leading by example and showing that if it’s possible for you, it’s possible for them too. You are of course also likely to have your challenges along the way, but that’s what makes you so inspirational, that despite the challenges this remains so strong, in fact all the stronger, if that’s possible.

Your Relationship Year: This is the year for you to think about what you want in this relationship and open the door to it happening. What do you want to be, do and have together? Get that clear and allow it to happen. The path will be interesting, fascinating and full of magic if you do. If you don’t, well, the likelihood of you still having an amazing year together is still here – it would just be like winning the jackpot and only coming away with a purse full instead of a bank full. Whatever you want to happen, it’s time to allow it.

The Moon

The soul gets to know it’s depths.

Your Purpose: Your quality is somewhat mystical and elusive. You are a sensitive soul and could easily find the rat race of daily life is just too much for you. The pillars of society isn’t somewhere you fit. You fit better in the other worlds, the worlds of the dreamer, the healer, the shaman, the mystic, the musician, the artist, the psychic, the midwife and the dream therapist. You probably need a lot of time to yourself just to regulate your energy. Accept yourself, you are a gift, you can be who you are in this world once you do, there is a place for you, it’s yours.

Your Year: You could feel a little wobbly this year, it’s a year for looking after you. You might feel like shutting yourself off from the world and it’s important to get a balance, make sure you keep the company of those you trust, and be discerning. It might be hard for you to know who you trust or be discerning as your psyche is likely to be affected strongly by your emotions and psychic phenomena, so you may well need help with filtering through whatever is causing you distress. Dreams are vivid as are psychic impressions but seeing clearly is a challenge. Past experiences need healing, do this and be reborn. Issues to do with childhood or children can also play a strong part.

Your Relationship: Your relationship runs deep, so deep past lives seem just like yesterday, it can be a deeply confusing path because of the psychic bleedthrough of time lines and also the propensity to project and play out the parental/child dynamic, especially any issues left unresolved with the mother, or with mothering. Yet the magical and psychic quality of this connection keeps it going strong, it’s a deep journey that leads you to the depths of your own and each others psyche, you may have to learn a lot about codependency along the way and how to have a healthy happy relationship, but if you want it, it’s worth it, you’ve found your muse.

Your Relationship Year: This is a deep year! Things from the past come up this year for healing, if you are new to each other we could be talking past lives here, weird things happen this year, and it could be a deeply confusing time. If this is the case then learn to be gentle with yourself and each other, don’t force anything,it’s a deep journey that leads you to the depths of your own and each others psyche which takes time to emerge and cannot be hurried. There may also be issues to do with the mother aspect left unresolved with the mother or with mothering, and you may have to ask for help along the way on how to have a healthy happy relationship, whatever emerges this year will be of long lasting value, for yourself and each other.

The Sun
The Sun

The soul comes into alignment with it’s purpose.

Your Purpose:As the Sun you are here to share with the world what it looks and feels like to be at one with the self, full of self acceptance for the uniqueness that you are and the uniqueness of your path, you have the ability to live it in such a happy go lucky way, free from the cares and worries of what others think about who you are and how you should live your life. You aren’t likely to have taken the safe conventional path, you know you are a soul born with a mission you’ve come to live and that’s what you are going to do, highly inspirational the career paths suited for you are any that put you in the limelight of influence, the singer, actor, political speaker, freedom fighter, entertainer, dancer, artist, the public speaker, the leader, the inspirer, the TV presenter.

Your Year: This is the year to go out there and get seen, so many amazing this can happen for you but you have to be out there in the world to see it and be seen. Its all about let’s get visible, visible! And some people have a really hard time with that, so if you are one of them then now’s the time to get help with it so all the amazing things this year holds for you doesn’t pass you by – hot sunny places is just one of the many destinations, more importantly, planet purpose is a destination firmly on the map.

Your Relationship: What a lovely happy go lucky charismatic couple you are! The golden couple 🙂 albeit friends of lovers or business partners whatever you touch has the joy of the midas touch and you truly seem blessed. Life is an adventure of creativity and liberation of truly living out your purpose. The only threat seems to be immaturity, ignorance or naivety. Do watch the propensity for always living in this bubble, and not addressing more insidious issues that if left long enough can erode the most beautiful of relationships, know you are strong enough to handle these things, in fact it will make you all the more stronger for it.

Your Relationship Year: Rebirth, joy, travel, activating the life of your dreams, creativity, children, fun, adventure. It’s all here for the taking this year, enjoy it! And remember to shine that gorgeous beacon of light out to others along the way, don’t dim your light, or tone yourselves down for each other or anyone else, power yourselves up, be abundant, be glorious and all that you are, and then be generous, for your cupeth truly overfloweth! Light yourselves, each other and the world around you up! This year the energy in your relationship is high and can achieve many things truly great and small, and all incredibly enjoyable 🙂


The soul is cleansed from all that holds it back – if it’s willing to let go.

Your Purpose: Is to take what’s dormant and wake it up again, to draw attention to that which isn’t right and needs to be changed, you are the proverbial whistleblower, the dare-devil risk taker, the philosopher, the activist, the great debater, the freedom fighter, the journalist. You have a propensity for all that’s taboo. Your purpose is world changingly powerful, there is no time to let the past hold you back if you are come here to do what you are to do. Therefore you tend to move on fast, this can make for a lonely way of being, but your circle is wider than most, how can anyone be lonely when you are here to serve the world?

Your Year: If you can let go of who you are in favour of who you are becoming then this could be the year of your life. Judgment doesn’t play small. Judgment is here to shift you big time. It will ask you to let go of your old resentments, clear out your hurts, negative judgments and all the ways that you hold yourself back, for it’s only then it can bring to you the golden opportunity of your world opening up that awaits you. You can do it! Hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT anything that will help you reprogram the program that’s running will serve you greatly to healing and opening up to the world being your oyster.

Your relationship: Is deeply karmic and probably resurrects many times. The two of you have had a catalytic journey together with so much uncontrollable history it would have been easy to actually become very bitter and at times maybe you needed space from each other to heal and forgive. Either way this relationship has the hallmark of the test of time, it’s the soul-mate relationship that comes together to work through something uncontrollable and then blows apart again, but somehow over the bigger picture of time, finds its way back, for the next level

Your Relationship Year: If tensions are buried then this is the year for getting all the skeletons out of the closet. Maybe you have a bone to pick with each other, or maybe one of you has some serious beef with someone else. Either way get it out and get it over with. Your energy needs to be freed up for what is coming – a massive rise in vibration and a huge open door of opportunity, but you can be light enough to go through it when you’ve released any bitterness, resentment, unforgiveness or judgment that brings you down. Your ascension and progress can be huge and fast this year, the world awaits you, get your energy into the right place.

The World

The soul successfully evolves.

Your Purpose: The quality of your soul is one of great magnitude and gravitas. You are the one who has mastery, the humanitarian, the one who can be anything, the one who can help someone be anything. You might work on a grand scale for climate change or some other ethical world issue. Your purpose is big, bold and unqiue to you, remember to believe in yourself and the world will believe in you.

Your Year: This year your world truly opens up, mentally, emotionally, and physically it’s time for you to really truly live out your purpose here on earth, which the greater good in mind. This is a marker of a long journey and many years of hard work behind this moment finally paying off. It’s time to ride high on that success, give back, feel the gratitude, pat yourself on the back, look over your story and achievements and see where it leads you, the world is your oyster.

Your Relationship: Has the power to be truly enlightened. You could be the spiritual couple that then also passes this on to others as you travel the world, or maybe it’s a bit more conventional but the effect is just as powerful. Whatever you do together you do it properly, taking joy in the path of aligned purpose, passion and creation together. You are a highly inspirational pairing and can totally create a world that’s far more beautiful, for everyone in it as well as yourselves.

Your Relationship Year: This is an incredible year for you both, where everything you have been working towards as a couple is truly paying off and coming to fruition. The world is truly your oyster, don’t forget to take stock of your journey, and enjoy reaching this destination together. There could be a sense of what next? If so maybe take a stop gap and reward yourselves by going and seeing what the world has to offer you. Travel, and take an interest in the different ways that people live, and how you can serve the world going forward. This is likely to inspire you to the next stages of your lives together.